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Shelves in Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, LA were reportedly cleared Saturday night, when the stores allowed purchases on EBT cards even though they were not showing limits. 



This is what Obama has created, a culture, a world where people believe they are entitled to something for nothing.  The animals, yes, I said animals, you cretins who enter a store purely with the thoughts of stealing, pillaging and plundering and escaping with merchandise you know is not yours and you are not entitled too.  I know Obama has seduced you with the powerful drug of entitlement, but it is an illusion that is unsupported.  You lazy cretins who believe you can live off of the fat of what other people earn with hard work disgraces this country.  You are opportunists of the worst kind.  Obama is opening a car door and you are being lured in, and the seat you take in the car you ride in is made by the company known as: gluttonly, greed, laziness and idiocy.  Prove me wrong! Of course not, you are incapable because you have gotten used to the “drug”.  It is easier to claim racism, a bad economy, someone else’s fault than to look in the mirror and realize that the enemy is YOU, the simpleton is YOU, the one played is YOU.  This article epitomizes all that is wrong with America at present.  Obama and his Obinions are not your savior’s,… they are your jailers, but continue on, his system is doing you so well.  I want to know what these cretins told their kids when that packed up the baskets and then turned around and left them.


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