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The director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith B. Alexander, said in an interview that to prevent terrorist attacks he saw no effective alternative to the N.S.A.’s bulk collection of telephone and other electronic metadata from Americans. But he acknowledged that his agency now faced an entirely new reality, and the possibility of Congressional restrictions, after revelations about its operations at home and abroad.



What else is this CLOWN going to say.  His limited intelligence paints him into a corner that he will never escape.  All of this collection, again, is behind the ball.  More terrorist attacks will occur and the “Intelligence” agencies will say it was because they didn’t collect enough information.  It is not because they don’t collect enough illegal information, its because the DOLTS that get the information don’t do anything with it.  The NSA will gather information and hold it from the agencies that it is supposed to report to .  They have done it over and over and nothing has changed.  Alexander has shown himself to be less competent than his predecessors so I don’t see any epiphanous  changes for the better.  More and more damage will be done to the Constitution, and nothing more gained in protecting America.  The tail is wagging the dog, and the tail is mangy!


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