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    The following are INFORMATION, ARTICLES and OTHER that I found interesting for the day, week , month. My PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS are added to the information based on my EXPERIENCES in the SECURITY and INTELLIGENCE professions. If YOU have ARTICLES or OTHER you would like placed on the site, please do not hesitate to send them to me with YOUR OPINIONS at efpipps@gmail.com. I look forward to ALL of your comments and information.
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I believe in a good parable to express all things America, Washington and the Budget.  Close your eyes.  Now, picture a beautiful, luxurious ship sailing in pristine, blue, warm seas.  On the deck, the Captain and all of his crew are enjoying the Sun, the power of being on deck, eating until they stomachs are full every meal.  They look back at the shore they just left.  They see people pointing at the ship, at the horizon, at something.  They cannot hear their calls, but the captain brushes it off as he is the Captain and the ship is his.  People, he thinks, they just need to do what I, the Captain, say.  I know all, I see all, and they should trust me completely, otherwise I wouldn’t be the Captain.  Under the deck the story is completely different.  The minions, brought on the ship purely to support the Captain and the crew and their guests are fighting and working feverishly to fill a hole, in the hull opened when the Captain snuck friends of his, that were not listed in the manifest, on the ship.  The friends didn’t care about the maintenance and security of the boat as they were there only to enjoy the parties and the free food, drink and hospitality of the Captain.  The gaping hole was what the citizens on shore were pointing too, and trying to get the Captain to recognize.  Finally, the Captain looked over the side of the ship and, upon, momentary thought, ordered a continuation of the trip.  “the minions can fill the hole and cover the problem, my journey must continue with my crew, and my friends.  The minions will support me no matter what and will suffer at all cost for me for I am Captain.”  He felt so good about his statement that he called a meeting with his ship reporter and gave out a statement reflecting what he had just said.  The reporter wrote it down and changed a few words to make the Captain look more admiral like.  The reporter wrote the article while looking directly at the hole in the ship taking in more and more water.  Finally, someone asked the Captain why the ship was so low in the water, and they were continuing to head away from shore.  The Captain called his first mate over to answer in front of all, First Mate Biden, put on a big used car salesman smile, and stated “Are you a fool? Everyone knows that taking on more water balances the ship.”  “Then” asked the minion, “why do we sail from safe land?” First mate Biden looked at the minion and then at the Captain, and with a wink stated, “we sail from the island of reason and logic because that is where the carry people who make sense live.” And on that note, everyone on the deck clapped their hands, and yelled at the top of their voices, “that is the end of it! The First Mate has spoken and his words are wise and crafted.”  Upon this a minion from the hold of the ship who was fighting the water coming into the ship asked for an audience with the Captain to discuss what could be done to save the ship and them.  He was turned down, but Third Mate Reid stated that he would listen only as a matter of course.  The minion stated, “I need to use one of your boxes that contains party hats and favors to fill the hole, also some nails and hammer from a box owned by the people of the Island of Reason and Logic.  “The ship” the minion stated “would go down in less than a day if not fixed.”  Third Mate Reid yelled at the Minion, “you are a coward and a traitor.  You disgrace this ship with your being.  You know those party favors and hats are some of my favorites and the Captains, I will send a message to shore it will take a week for a response.  We cannot risk these favors for this simple hole. Just use the Peoples hammer and nails.  They never use THEM.”  The minion tried to speak again, but was carried off and thrown overboard after being hit with an oar swung like Hellfire.  The ship, America, sailed on away from shore, taking on water, run by the Captain and deck crew and once past the horizon, was never seen again.  It was written later by others who had tried to destroy her, “such a great ship!”.  So sad.
“The budget deal, is no deal at all!  It is a weak, typical, frail, gutless maneuver just to push the ball down the road.  This is a day, a time,  where many in this country are embarrassed by the yellow-bellied actions of Washington.  Our supposed leadership’s actions today are a DIRECT threat to the SAFETY and SECURITY of this great country. God bless America, God help us all!”  — Emiel Fisher

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