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Amid a government shutdown, looming U.S. default and partisan bickering in Congress, President Barack Obama was still able to focus on one of the more positive, “cool” things about his job.



I find this, for some strange reason, the best article I have read on Obama, for I wish when I called the people I know personally or professionally, they would answer the phone, or text, or email right then.  It is ironic that in a world that prides itself on fast communication that I sometimes have to wait hours to get a response to a phone call or text.  I try not too, but I find I carry my phone with me everywhere.  I will plug it in to keep it charged by knowing where most of the electrical sockets are I will go by during the day, and the schedule I am following at the time.  I guess, in my job, I find not being able to plan through logistics these small things, makes me less qualified overall.  I will say that it helps with planning a, b, c, d, etc. for waiting on call backs risks not getting stuff done, so the rule is 15 minutes.  If I don’t hear back from the people in that time period, then I go with my Plan of Action unilaterally.  This is the beauty of having a POA, you can tell people what it is and they learn from it.  SO, people it’s fifteen minutes for a call back or response and if I don’t hear back by then, don’t think I will wonder how you would have decided.  This will be pure Fisher.  As for calling and speaking to Jay-Z, it would be nice if he picked up, but he wouldn’t.  I did meet him awhile ago and we talked for a short time.  I have to say he was a nice, well-mannered, intelligent guy.  I wish he, his wife, and new baby well, as I would anyone.


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