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President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that stalled immigration reform would be a top priority once the fiscal crisis has been resolved.



Of course he is going to go for the ILLEGAL’S, because he wants their votes.  He wants to bury the GOP so deep in the dirt we (America) will never have another Republican, or any other President, Congress, Senate other than Liberal and Socialistic.  He buys them off with free benefits, citizenship and they follow him lime the children following the Pied Piper.  They should read the story to see how it ends.  Obama and his Obinions are not looking out for the bettering of America, they are, obviously, looking to destroy what America is/was all about.  Obama did not go to Harvard and get a law degree to support the Constitution, he went to learn about the Constitution so he could undermine it and destroy it.  Every act he has done since becoming President has been, depending on perspective, to undercut America in some way.  He and his flock are killing this country in baby steps, and this is the stuff we know about only through people like Manning, Snowden and others that the government claims are traitors.  Obama and his pushing for FELONS to be citizens is a joke.  Under the auspices of rules the government is setting up we will need another 30 thousand people on the government payrolls, more bad computer programs, trust in Felons to do the right thing, and also that the government will stop future Illegal Immigration, which it has shown absolutely NO ability to do.  The biggest, most damageing traitors to America are not the Snowdens and Mannings of this world, but the outright crooks, thieves, liars, bandits and imbeciles operating 100 miles north of Richmond, VA, THE CAPITAL of Virginia.


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