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On CNN’s “New Day” on Wednesday, Robert Redford said congressional criticism of President Barack Obama is racially motivated.



There is a time when even the people you would probably like if you met them need to shut up.  Robert Redford is an Actor and Director.  I liked most of his movies and will continue to watch them, but he is talking way out of line here and taking the typical liberal stance whenever they don’t get everything their way, CLAIM RACISM!  What a stupid, idiotic statement.  A liberal could never think just maybe that the views, practices, laws that are being pushed by Obama are contrary to all that is American.  Forget the fact Obamacare is a bust, Obama has had assassinated more people than all of the other Presidents combined, his transparency statement meant we had to look through a 12 foot thick concrete wall, he owns the 90% of the press who would cover literally anything he did with sugar and spice.  I could go on and on, but the point is, when are Americans going to start listening.  While we are screwing around with inner turmoil and ridiculous behavior from Washington, the Chinese are stealing everything they can get their hands on that is American, the Russians are grabbing power by the truck load, the terrorists are laughing at the pink-pantied imbeciles in Washington, the World is looking at us and saying/thinking what a bunch of idiots.  WE ARE THE LAUGHING STOCKS OF THE WORLD AT PRESENT!  Now, Mr. Redford why don’t you head back to your little mountain in Aspen and play with your 8 mm,…camera, and do what you do best, make FICTIONAL movies.


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