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I run into, and hear of many ex-Fed agent individuals and companies operating and doing security work in the State of Virginia without a license from DCJS (Department of Criminal Justice Services) all of the time.  Let me tell you now, this is ILLEGAL.  I don’t care who you are and where you came from, IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO SECURITY WORK IN VIRGINIA WITHOUT A DCJS LICENSE!  I know DCJS slacks off and let’s ex-Feds do what they want, but it is illegal and wrong.  DCJS, we Security Company Owners pay you to regulate not only the people who didn’t work for the government, but also those people who did, who now think they can branch out into Virginia and do what they want.  They are committing fraud by stating they are something they are not and carry credentials they do not have.  I look at it the same as if I paraded around stating I worked at the CIA, FBI or DEA and didn’t have the credentials to prove it.


“Ours is a noble cause,” NSA Director Keith B. Alexander said during a public event last month. “Our job is to defend this nation and to protect our civil liberties and privacy.”  

Alexander should PRACTICE what he preaches for he lies like a dog to Congress, the Senate, the American people, and he does not protect the civil liberties of American citizens, he walks upon them with muddy boots in the name of whatever weak justification he and Obama come up with.  As I have said before, the CIA and NSA can do whatever they want outside of this great country, but keep their lying, cheating, totalitarian governing crap away from inside the continental United States.  This guy has “0” credibility on a scale of 1 to 10.  He opens his mouth he is lying.


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