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I have been saying for some time now that Webster’s Dictionary needs to expand its collection of words and meanings for modern day stupidity, waste and ridiculous behavior exhibited by Washington politicians and others.  New York Times Magazine journalist Jack Rosenthal came up with a great word to describe a word that means the opposite of what a typical user might think it means.  The word was PHANTONYM.  It got me thinking about a word I could use to describe the Obama practice of saying one thing, but doing the exact opposite, and meaning the exact opposite, and I came up with OBAMANYM.  So, every time Obama says his government is transparent, he is spewing an OBAMANYM.  Every time he says Obamacare is cheaper and covers all Americans, he , again, is spouting an OBAMANYM.  When he claims America is doing good work in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., he is spewing OBAMANYMS.  Write it down, remember it, and use it in conversation to impress your friends when the old words just don’t have the right butt behind them.


9-0-S Rule

I don’t like to waste people’s time, and I know I don’t want them to waste mine, so I am going to lay one of my classic Rules on you.  It is the 9-0-S Rule.  What it means literally is the 90 SECOND RULE.  If you cannot tell a story, or joke, or anything else under 90 seconds in conversation then don’t tell it.  It shows a true lack of verbal acuity, and self-promoting rudeness for someone to begin a story and continue on and on and on and expect the listener to continue to suffer for any time over 90 seconds.  Take out your watch and sit still for 90 seconds, I believe you will see that 90 seconds is a long time and if you think about what you are going to say for some period of time, manipulate the words perfectly, form the sentences in your mind before you begin to speak, you will get it all in before 90 seconds and you won’t bore the crap out of everyone by continued bloviating.  It is fun to watch someone begin a story, joke whatever and be looking at me, and then I can see them tense up as they realize they are going to go over the 90 seconds.  They will stop the story and say, “I know, I am going to go over your stupid 90 seconds, but I don’t care.”  I don’t care either, and they can continue talking, but my interests will be elsewhere and not focused on them after 90 seconds.  As they do not care about my time, I don’t care that they cannot speak fluently, and proficiently.  The loss is there’s as the story being told was there’s.


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