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Turkey’s autocratic prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who last made international news in June when he brutally suppressed street protests against his rule, can’t understand why Obamacare has any critics. “It’s such a beautiful step, and, to tell the truth, Mr. Obama should be supported,” Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara. “There are those who say: ‘You cannot spend my earnings on others.’ Now, how is this possible?”



If this joke, known as Obamacare is allowed to continue, it will cost billions of dollars to get the website fixed and operating not hundreds of millions, as it has already cost.  The problem is TRUTH.  Obama cannot tell the truth to save his life.  The way business is done in Washington is NOT BUSINESS, there should be another word.  CGI stole the American public’s money and will never get the problems corrected.  This I can swear to you.  The government will keep them because they will look more stupid to change companies and they cannot  replace them contractually even with the crap job they are doing.  CGI will go out into the world and subcontract with the company that should have done the job originally.  That company will be paid a small fraction of what CGI RAPED off of the American public and it will take longer to get right and the American public will be extorted into paying for them also.  Obama will pay it for political reasons, self-preservation reasons, and others but mainly because he looks SO STUPID.  I say this, but this is how Washington dos business.  Except for the less than one percent of the country that Washington takes up they think their little “Bubble” extends everywhere and other people do things the same way they do.  Americans, again, will be screwed to the wall, and Washington will continue on patting themselves on the back and giving themselves awards and accolades.  So Sad, So Sick!


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