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“Patriot Act”  it sounds so noble, so America.  I believe, without doubt, this was studied and planned and the use of the word Patriot was seized as the perfect word, perfect symbolic gesture of what would be needed by not only the government, but everyone in America to defeat the deadly enemy, the unknown vile humans lurking behind every dark corner waiting, planning and committing heinous acts against not one American citizen, but all of us.  It is sad that I have to report the “taken hostage” of the word Patriot by our government, for the Patriot Act is turning into anything but.  It should have been named the “Assassination, Destroy the Constitution, Cover the Government’s Ass Whatever It Takes Act”, but that would have been too long, and too truthful.  The American people have been duped and their love of country and emotional words have been their downfall.  Obama, a Constitutional lawyer, has used this knowledge and the Patriot Act to undercut the rights of America and, in so doing, weakened the Republic not only in the eyes of Americans, but the world.


“If a nation values anything more than freedom, it  will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too.  W. Somerset Maugham


Nothing lasts forever, remember that, “You ride a horse as long as you can, then you get off and get another horse.”  Any deviation from this and you will set yourself up for failure over all.  America, at this point, is in flux in so many ways, but the person that keeps his wits about him and sticks to core principles, values and rules will survive and thrive over those that do not.  If there was any time in recorded history to stick to the rules, it is now.


Today the United States will send 1.6 Billion dollars to Pakistan as aid.  A majority of this money will be siphoned off and used to pay off scumbag leaders in this “for nothing” country.  America is broke, we are paying off these scumbags in this country that literally means nothing to us.  They are not our friends, they were never our friends, and they will stab us in the back any opportunity they get.  WE ARE SUPPORTING TERRORISM by sending this scumbag country anything.  The U.S. Is denying any of this even though it is undeniable, and they lie about where the money is going (Terrorism).  The scumbags that kill our citizens, kill our soldiers, ship heroin to America are the same scumbags we are giving this money too.  The lie continues.


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