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A proposal to pause the development of “killer robot” technology is seeing a surge of interest from robotics researchers as well as the representatives of key nations at the United Nations this month. 



DO we really want “this” government to have the ability to program robots and release them into the world to kill “at will”. I would say unequivocally this would be a terrible idea.  This government kills people by the hundreds that were innocent and denies it even though there is absolute proof that they did (a three-year-old girl blown in half by an American made missile is not hard to show if you are there with the evidence).  This scenario has been carried out hundreds of times with Drone attacks carrying Hellfire missiles, and Tomahawk cruise missiles.  This government does this knowing there is a direct link to them because these sorties could not be undertaken except by direct human contact.  Now, picture this government with the ability to program the robots and then walk away.  I could easily see more innocent people killed and this government claiming it did not have control over the robot and the “glitches” will be worked on.  This is the problem when you lie, your credibility is destroyed and there is no more trust.  Why would we trust Obama, Alexander, Brennan on anything they have all directly LIED to the American people.  There is always the claim of using these deadly instruments for the good of the American people, and all people, but there is also the bad and Obama and his Obinions have shown that they are more than capable of stepping into the black and operating illegal programs and denying them.  Hundreds, Hell, thousands of innocent people die and Obama lies about the missions, the sorties and then hides behind the Patriot Act to cover his DIRECT NEGLIGENCE or MALFEASANCE.  It is a direct slap in the face of the “Patriot Act” that it is used for acts that are in direct conflict with anything patriotic.


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