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“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first set out to deceive.”  The NSA is “enjoying” their popularity in the world.  Like I have said before, “they would steal the socks off of Jesus!” excuse the pun.  The NSA has no honor, no code other than to lie, cheat, deceive and steal.  I understand this, and again, let them do it outside of the continental United States.  I think people are getting the picture as to why you do not let the CIA and NSA think on their own and run their own ship.  They do not have borders on ethics or morality.  They think they can do ANYTHING for their greater good.  The US Government has been allowing them to invent, develop, create all of these crazy programs to steal information and they will just continue to expand the programs.  It is self-defeating and illegal.


This is beyond compare.  Once again the Obama administration will go to any lengths to expand their voter base.


The waste of money in the name of what?  Controlling the American public?


People, Alexander is a liar that is a fact.  Do not believe him, do not believe anything from the administration that hired him.  They are breaking the law and as such they will lie about it.


The hits just keep on coming.


People should be “pissed” off.  This is a direct attack on the 4th Amendment.  Stealing people’s personal information with no warrant.


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