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At this point in the Obama administration, I believe we can safely say that sane logical decision-making is at a minimum.  There is no dealing with the Iranians at this point.  They believe they can lie, cheat and deceive all they want and it is justified.  The United States should understand this and treat them with the same scorn we are treated with.  Nothing they promise will be done.  Giving up anything to them is a waste and threatens the people we have used and trusted in the past.  It is a direct stab in the back to Israel.  The Israeli’s are telling us that we are making are beds in the sense that Israel will respond and it will be ugly for Iran.  There is a Rubicon and the Iranians are right up on it.  Israel will annihilate Iran and the U.S. will have blood on its hands for not acting sensibly when they should have.  Kerry is old and in over his head.  Half the things he spouts makes no sense in reality.  So sad.


This is one of the worst decisions and considerations the FAA has ever proffered.  There is absolutely no need for this type of surveillance on a day-to-day basis.  Who is going to cover the liability of these things in the airspace when an accident occurs, which will happen.  Innocent people dying because these ridiculous toys are floating around flown by very dubious individuals, would be beyond sad.  The lawyers should start training up on drone liability law.  What a waste!


It sounds like Snowden is one of the greatest intel gathers that the NSA and CIA has ever known.  Maybe they should have had him working on the frontlines instead of taking it easy in Hawaii.  He was/is definitely smarter than anyone at these agencies.  This is truly a “wicked” smart individual.  The rest merely aspire to his intelligence.


Now this guy knows what Tom Cruise’s character in Jerry McGuire felt like writing his Mission Statement and sending it out to everyone before really thinking about it, and, or after a drinking binge.  Very foolish from a professional standpoint.


So sad for the girl, sadder she was subjected to what she was.  Not much else to say.  The killer/s should be hung in the public square.


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