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Of course he is not going to answer that question.  There is nothing to answer.  The people are here illegally!  They don’t belong.  They have broken the law, and I am not talking about stealing gum.  They have broken at least two Federal laws to be where they are, not counting the frauds they have committed to get free food, healthcare, identity etc. etc.  They are felons, and it doesn’t matter what the gutless in Washington do, the illegals will continue to commit the frauds they are.  The only thing you change is the fact that they will be allowed to vote, and vote they will LIBERAL!  They will destroy any chance for Republicans to ever hold office again, Obamacare or not, and in fact, Obamacare is all the better for them because it is free.  The middle class section of America will be working their asses off to cover the illegals and people sitting at home eating chips and laying on the sofa all day getting fat. What a disgrace!  What a fraud!  What a sad picture!  Obama and his Obinions are destroying this country, I don’t have to say a word, just watch.  The stuff he is getting away with, no president would be allowed before him.


The taking over of American cities by GOVERNMENT FREAKS (GOVEAKS new word of the day).  The telephone companies should be at the forefront of rebelling against such atrocious actions.  There will come a time when Americans will simply throw the cell phones and computers in the trashcan for they are not worth the problems and Constitutional law breaking that is being carried out.  Electronic devices are only good for the government if you have them and use them.


Great article on just one part of the FRAUD that is OBAMACARE.  Anyone who would sign up for this CRACK PIPE program would have to be a complete an utter IDIOT!  Throwing your personal information out there for scum that hasn’t been vetted to take and use as they want, give me a break.


I am dying to here the rest of this story.  I know there is much more to it.


What a life this kid has lived.


“Stupid is as stupid does!” How would you think you could get away with this exactly?  Idiot.


Of course there is no problem except for Liberal Bleeding Democrats.  The only people who will have  a problem with the system are people trying to get around the system as these Democrats did.  If you are a law-abiding American there is no problem.


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