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Finally, some common sense and reason coming out of Congress.  Giving a pass to felons was not and is not the way to go.  If the Illegals don’t like it, go back to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras where ever they came from.  I can tell you this, they won’t, they love the Obama free ride.


I didn’t know it was illegal to know how to pass a polygraph.  It is this kind of idiotic thinking by our supposed Intelligence Agencies, that leads people not to trust their reasoning ability.  I have been on the sites before just to know.  I am a criminologist, that kind of stuff interests me.  Are people to be investigated and their civil rights abused because they have interests.  If the Top Secret Clearance business is so weak that a guy can go on the internet and purchase a book to beat it, that is scary in and of itself.  The point being, it is not the book, and is not the idiot selling it, nor the person buying it, but maybe, the system of passing clearance tests that is way obsolete and useless at present.  Talk about elementary!


There was a guy, Joseph Gall, years ago that tried and convinced the world for a while that you could tell if a person was going to be a criminal by the shape of his/her head (Phrenology).  Its was voodoo then, at best and because these TSA agents are not scientists, doctors, specialists, the chances of them using this system for what it was when it began, is weak at best.  Why don’t they just walk up to the person and ask if they are a bad guy or not.  The results would be the same.  The best thing on this is that it didn’t take people thirty years to figure out it was a scam and a way for some people to cheat the government out of hundreds of millions of dollars.


I believe a good offense makes for a good defense.  Go after these crony, criminal, murdering bastards and bury them.  These guys are easily forgotten.  Pick them out, pin cushion them and then send in the heavy artillery.  Get the CIA NSA to work on that and do some good and get off of the American people’s backs.  I am sure they/we can find an excuse to get involved.


Hear! Hear!  What is this? The public speaks and the politicians listen?  Could it truly be democracy even here in the United States of Obama?  I salute the people of Seattle.  I know how to get rid of this type of garbage police work and that is to CUT the budgets.  The same is true for the NSA and CIA.  Placing people in a steel cube (constant surveillance) is not protecting them and it is cheating them of the LIFE that is living in a free country.  Stop with YOUR crap about terrorist behind every tree.  How about doing your jobs the way they should be done without cheating the Constitution.


I can say honestly that this kind of crap is rampant in Northern Virginia in the private sector and the government sector.  In the government there are whole buildings occupied with computer geeks fixing problems brought on by government employees accessing porn and other non-work information while supposedly serving the people.  It is fraud, it is stealing, it is supposed to get you fired and or lose your clearances, BUT IT DOESN’T!  What a joke!  Porn on people!


More to come.  This shows the stupidity of the hackers more than the brilliance of the healthcare site.  I will give the Devil his due if the attacks were repelled.  Good job.


Sad and tragic.


Well, they (Secret Service) can’t have sex with Prostitutes any more, so they are having sex amongst their own.  I guess being a little light headed it is excusable that the guy would leave some of his equipment behind in the other Agent’s room.  The  American people will now have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to retrain these people to the fact that they can’t have sex with other Secret Service Agents, employees, other.  Why don’t we just say they can’t have sex on the job, around the job, in the job, referring to the job, etc. and save the American public the retraining costs.  Better yet, the press and American people understand that these guys are man-formed testosterone capsules that we teach to kill and hand them a gun.  They kill, or they,…well, you know what I mean.  The Catholic Church has tried to say that men will not have sex, we have seen how that has worked out, and that involved a higher order.  These guys are just protecting Obama and his Obinions.  You get the picture.  Maybe, they realize that who they are protecting are not worth the dedication to cause.


Did anyone check to see if they were Secret Service?  I’m just joking guys and gals knock yourselves out just don’t lose your government issued equipment.

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