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It would be nice to see these companies living off of the Government dole to actually have to play by the rules everyone else does in running a company.  I do not hold out a lot of hope.  Like the company Mr. Jefferson had, which I congratulate him on his success, but he got his work under NO BID contracts because he was a minority.  This is wrong and will always be wrong.  It is an uneven playing field and everything that is wrong with Government Contracting.  The process also of being put into the game and being protected for five years from competition is wrong.  I know these companies can cover their rears and give many reasons why the system works.  It only works because it is here in NOVA and everyone is playing under the same protectionist rules.  If you tried to duplicate this system anywhere else in the world you would be laughed at.  For people who pat themselves on the back all of the time about how smart and intelligent they are you would think they would be able to come up with a less CONFLICT TAINTED system.


It is sad for the contractors and their families.  It is interesting that the U.S. And Afghanistan signed a Security Agreement that allows U.S. soldiers to stay in country.  Another of Obama’s lies as he said all soldiers would be out of there.  There is no purpose and no long-term reason for the U.S. to be in that God forsaken country.  We, the U.S. are paying the Taliban and al Qaeda to be there.  A huge percentage of the money we pay the country goes to the bad guys.  It is ridiculous and a scam.


All of those ignorant enough to do it, continue to follow the Pied Piper to your destruction.  Pelosi, Obama’s queen hatchet woman, has no moral or ethical code.  She lives by her need and greed of power and the collapse of the American way of life.  She cannot be trusted in any way and is an outright traitor to hard-working, law-abiding American citizens.  She is a truly tainted puppet.


The CRETINS in this story are bad enough, but where was SOCIAL SERVICES that was supposed to be monitoring these foster children.  I do not believe this household got this bad overnight, in fact I know it did not.  Social Service employees should be fired and imprisoned.  The two adults in this story should be hung in the public square, and then buried in unmarked graves underneath a public septic system.


Just sad how the actions of one can ruin it for the collective.


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