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This is pure racism.  It is an attack on an individual purely because of their race and also, being in a weak vulnerable position.  This is how gutless and pathetic these kids are, they attack old people and women.  Wow, that is something to be proud of.  What a bunch of morons.


When you let people come into this country and live by different rules than the people living here legally this is the kind of crap you will deal with.  All of the money at Homeland Security means nothing when a certain race or ethnic group are treated differently.


This guys needs to just go away.  That’s all I am going to say about that.


Another one of Obama’s lies.  The soldiers and other were supposed to be out of there in 2014 END OF STORY, but no, the lies continue and Obama signs another “deal”.  Is it a deal if you are screwed at both ends.  We pay billions to this crony regime and the maggots running the country, they pay off the POS’s that are killing our soldiers and we claim “victory” How is that exactly under any measurable methodology.  Our soldiers and people are dying and being maimed for WHAT?  There is NO victory there.  Those people will go right back to their God forsaken ways the second we walk away no matter what.  It is a disgrace that our soldiers die and are maimed for this.  There is absolutely NO justification for anything being done there.  Get them Out! Out! Out!  Obama, stop the lying!


Just sad.  Sad for the kid and his family and sad for the officer and the school.  For a kid that was SO smart, he possessed some serious bad judgment.  It is too bad there will be no second chances.


No example of youth run amuck.  Sad story.  Even sadder for the innocent people killed by this idiot.  I hope he made millions playing football, because his estate is going to be paying it out.  His Agent is an idiot praising Howard for his past accomplishments.  All of that was wiped out when Howard was an idiot and killed an innocent man.


This writer is a complete and utter idiot!  He is so far off of reality there is no coming back.  Trying to turn this monolithic fraud it around and making OBAMCARE a slur now is insulting.  When this Fraud began years ago Obama was more than happy to claim it.  IT IS HIS,   HE OWNS IT.  All of his puppets, cronies and Obinions now are trying to blame people who screamed at the top of their lungs that OBAMACARE was a FRAUD.  Mr. McWhorter write comics, doodle on napkins, better yet go back to your liberal bastion and screw up the minds of young college students.  The rest of America understands the LIE and FRAUD Obama and his plan is and continues to be.  What a puke!


Burn in Hell, HYPOCRITE!


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