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Racial and criminal.  Where is the White House now?  Where is Al Sharpton and the usual suspects of racial division?  They are hiding under their beds sucking on their pacifiers.  If it were white kids doing this the cry would be long and loud and every 24 hr. News Channel would be spouting how the country is being taken over by violent whites.  These crimes take in everything that is pathetic about a coward: punching old people in the back, punching women, running off on their bicycles.


You know this is against the law in many ways.  I know Zuckerberg thinks he is king of the hill for the moment because of his wealth and friendship with Obama, but remember this my man, they come and they go, and Obama is a fair weather friend.  I know you are out there trying to prove some point, but the masses they will turn and when they do we will see little Mark whining and crying and wondering why people are “picking” on him.  Stay “in your lane” Mark.  You are a computer geek, stay a computer geek and get off of the political rock.  You simply look silly.


Some more great work done by the U.S. Government.  They bring this maggot into the country, give him guns and then arrest him for having guns.  What a bunch of clowns.  The FBI needs to get a clue.


This is another great story about Kerry, Obama and their betrayal of the American people.  We are going to leave American soldiers in Afghanistan even though we were told they were coming out in 2014 and we are going to pay the Afghans BILLIONS of dollars to do this.  We will continue to train their bad soldiers and we will continue to fund TERRORISM by dumping cash on the CROMIES that run the country.  This one covers it all: Lying, fraud, murder, treason, the whole lot, and for what?  NOTHING!  There is nothing there of value to America.  There NO purpose.  Our people, their people, doctors, lawyers, butchers, bakers, candle-stick makers all agree to one thing and that is, our presence there creates more terrorists, more hatred and serves nothing.  These third world clowns couldn’t agree that the Sun was coming up much less that an agreement is good for them.  None of them can read. Is Kerry going to go around and explain the nonsense to them.  All they understand is how much money the U.S> is going to pay them to agree and how is the “pie” going to be split up.  Once the money is gone, their loyalty is gone and they are right back into their desert, screw America and American’s way.


Interesting video.  Maggots all of them.


The people that write this stuff should have their hands chopped off.  This would be great for the CYBER COMMAND we paid for to go after.  Earn your money gentlemen.


This guy should be put away for at least five years.  He is a liar, and a traitor to the people he was supposed to be serving.  He should be stripped of his job and his name erased from any record of his being in the position.  What a dirt ball.  Wait for the inevitable, “I will get treatment and that will make me all better.  Mommy will come and talk with me and daddy will finally hug me like he was supposed too from the beginning.  It was the BAD people that made me do it.”


Charge the JUDGE with incompetence and have him removed.  As for the maggot, let him out on the streets, his justice will come.  It is but, “a matter of time.”  It is sad for the victim.  It is tragic and beyond reason.  The Judge is an ass and or an idiot.  Probably both.


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