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This guy should be relieved of his duties and never seen again.  What an ass!  The attorney blaming it on the police officers is typical of a gutless moron.


Police departments can’t afford gas in the cars they have and now they are going to get these gas guzzlers.  The maintenance on these things is outrageous also.  When someone gives something to you it is not always free.  The trucks are UN NEEDED and an affront to American citizens.  You would think we lived in Syria or Egypt, Afghanistan or Pakistan, or worse yet, Iraq.  You ask a kid how much candy he wants and he will take it all, eventually rotting our his teeth and destroying his health.  You look at the metaphor and take from it what you will.


This “deal” the State Department and Kerry have forged with Iran is beyond idiotic.  The Iranians are not going to follow any of the guidelines, they get the sanctions removed and billions of dollars, the United States gets screwed and worse, the actions of the imbecile Kerry put Saudi Arabia and Israel at risk.  They is no up side to this for the U.S. Kerry Obama have sold out the U.S. Allies and the U.S. populace.  What a bunch of morons.  Kerry is guilty of gross incompetence and Obama worse.


I am soooo happy we are giving billions of dollars to this backward barbaric dump of a country, another great diplomatic victory for Obama and Kerry.  They should sleep soundly for the great work they are doing.  Look up the word traitor and let me know what you come away with.  I don’t have to say a word this all speaks for itself.  Stoning girls below the age of 15 because they don’t want to be married and have sex with 60 year plus old pedophiles is something Obama and Kerry should be proud of backing.  Not only that, but funding it with U.S. tax dollars.  Saying the Taliban is out of power in Afghanistan is hiding from the facts and the truth.  They still run the country and we are paying them.  Just PERFECT!  I wish I had an Ivy League education, then I would be brilliant like those people in DC.


This guy Murray is obviously a SICKO and needs to find a hole, fall in it and disappear for the rest of his pathetic life.  Only in LA can you murder the greatest entertainer of all time and get FOUR YEARS of which, you only serve TWO.  You then get out and claim you deserve to continue to practice medicine.


Sad. Waste.


This just goes to show, you can’t trust anyone.  Who would think that the local FAS-MART cretins would try and cheat you.  Look at the faces of these guys!  Nothing but love, trust and honesty showing there.  People! Don’t trust anyone with YOUR money, but YOU!


Isn’t Iran the country we just signed the agreement with and now you are telling me that Iran is planning terrorist attacks against us.  I can see giving them billions of dollars and trusting them.  Kerry is a fool, his boss is worse.


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