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This is the face of a true LOSER!  Look at it, remember it for you have now seen it in human form.


Of course the security is lax!  The government is not in BUSINESS, they are in the “just throw something out there to the American public and they we eat it” mode.  The majority of Americans are showing themselves to be so into loving Obama no matter how much he lies or deceives that it doesn’t matter.  It is a sickness, and will turn out to be tragic.


Criminal.  The FBI is not turning over any information, because they don’t have any.  Anything they have will show how incompetent and political they have become.  They are the law enforcement agency of Obama and Holder.  They operate at the White House’s bidding in all things.  Holder is a PUPPET of pathetic size and statue.  Whatever status the FBI had at some time in history has been diminished greatly since Obama took the Presidency and Holder was appointed.


This is exactly why we should trust Karzai because his own people trust him SO much! NOT!  The guy is a crooks, crooks crook! WHY IN THE HELL WOULD WE RISK OUR SOLDIERS FOR THIS ASS!  The U.S. State Department, run by Kerry, have lost all sense of logic and reason.  We gain NOTHING by dealing with this fraud and the cronies around him.  The State Department giving this CRONY any of our money is CRIMINAL.


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