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This is the best thing I have heard out of Silicone Valley in a while.  The problem arises in that the U.S. Government will say they have cut back on the ILLEGAL spying on U.S. Citizens, but they don’t.  Anything stated out of the mouths of the NSA or CIA will be and is a lie so there cannot be any trust dealing with them that cannot be independently verified and I don’t mean by a panel picked by Obama.


You think!  People, anything created in 0’s and 1’s can be hacked and used for good and also bad.  The government lately has chosen to choose the path of Illegality.  


Putin and Obama carry many of the same traits.  At least Putin is outright about it.


People, the citizens of the U.S. Are being played not only by Afghanistan, and Iran, but by the U.S. Politicians that are pushing for any agreements involving these countries.  They are lying, they are taking our money, they are planning the destruction of the U.S.  Kerry and his minions need to wake up from the IDIOT fog they are in and do what is right for THIS country not some feel good measures benefitting our adversaries and YES Afghanistan is OUR adversary.  Iran is our adversary.


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