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FBI posting future employees.


This is our government at work, at its finest.  This guy was a complete fraud and everyone around him believed he was a spy.  What a joke.  How stupid could you be.  Now, they say he will collect his retirement.  He is a fraud, a crook, a liar, a criminal and the head of the EPA is too stupid to catch on.  The EPA is run by complete IDIOTS and CROOKS!  I don’t have to say a word just read the article and then look at the faces of those in charge and you will see the true face of our enemies!


Step away from the computer.  People, nothing on a computer or a phone can be trusted to be safe or secure.  If they can read everything on it, they can change the information contained in it.  Do not trust any computer security company that states your information is safe.


You can’t even trust FAKE BOOBS any longer.


A “budget” made up of idiot math!  How is 23 billion over 10 years going to help anything in this country especially if you are spending 65 billion to do it.  Only in the land of total idiocy can this be called a victory.  Ryan claims sometime you can’t get everything you want, yeah, you don’t get anything you want and you pay the other sides attorney.  Washington is off the charts with this.  I don’t have a word, or a thought to follow up on it.  Speechless! Speechless!, Speechless!


This guy was a PEDOPHILE maggot and got off easy.


More maggots!


Jail without end is a good start for people like this.  What kind of maggot comes up with this stuff?


Adults OK, Kids NO! The stalkerazzi should be jailed, and the court should say he can never take pictures and sell them again.  Why don’t these people have to have a license to do this?  California regulates everything else.  There could be a certification process for photographers perverted or otherwise.

Interesting articles on NSA snooping and illegality:



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