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The lawyers on the civilian side are not asking for anything they don’t already know is true.  They are just looking for verification from the government as the courts demand.  The NSA Spying and stealing Americans secrets is over either because of the continuing and unabated lawsuits, or because everyone know what they are doing and anyone committing crimes will not use these forms of communication.  IT’S OVER!  All the government is doing by pushing these programs is breaking the law, destroying the Constitution, and spending billions of dollars for programs that are not accomplishing what they say they are.  So, the government is lying to the American public by saying the programs don’t exist, which they do, and then lying about what the programs are accomplishing, which is not the information they think.


This article is right on point.  Christie’s handling of the Fort Lee debacle was perfect for what it was to him.  He did not stage it, he did not condone it, and he fired the cretins who thought they were doing something right, when, in reality, committing crimes against the public they were sworn to protect.  Compared to Obama’s lying and continued lying about issues monumental compared to this triviality, the comparison is non-existent.  The IRS scandal, the Benghazi lies, the Obamacare fraud and lies, the Fast and Furious lies and scandal, the list just goes on and on.  Christie admitted and took responsibility for the acts of the cretins that worked for him.  Obama has never admitted a thing, has never fired a soul even though crimes were committed, and have never taken responsibility for any of his or his administrations criminality, fraud and lying.  He is not the first, he is working to be the worst as he continues the same like kind and quality actions with his Obinions.


This speaks for itself.  I don’t think I need to say a thing.


This is plain and outright stupidity.  The U.S. Government not taking care of this and stopping the madness is once again NEGLIGENCE on Eric Holder’s part.


This kid is a MAGGOT and the cretin that filmed the attack equally so.  These are the kids Eric Holder stated the other day are picked on and deserve to be treated differently than everyone else.  This is what we call OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY!  The kid should be convicted for Felony Assault and put away for 15 plus years.  Kid! YOU ARE A MAGGOT!


It’s been done before.


Sad, but the parent’s called and what are the Police supposed to do?  They are not Psychiatrists or Counselors.  The kid showed himself to be a threat and they dealt with it.  The parents are hiding now, but if the kid was no threat why didn’t they deal with their own kid.  BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T.  It is sad, true, but, people take care of your own kids.


This is my RISK MANAGEMENT thought of the day.  Don’t go swimming here!  There is no wave in the world worth surfing with a fricking Great White Shark.  You are going to lose and you are going to lose big.


This is the WTF article of the day.  When it is your time, it is your time.


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