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Once again the Republicans are caving to the Democrats and ILLEGALS.  Let me say this, based on HISTORY people!  Not my opinion, not anyone else’s opinion, the Democrats will lie and the Republicans will go along with it.  Nothing they promise or put on paper will be fulfilled.  The ILLEGALS will get what they want, the LEGAL American citizens will pay for it and then the promises will be broken.  ILLEGALS will continue to cross the border at will and in 10 years we will be going through this again.  We are paying to supposed MEXICO’S poor, because, remember, it’s our responsibility to make for Socialist behavior in Mexico.  Behavior that also includes continued, unabated corruption.  America! Wake up!  We are being used, we are being abused, we are being lied to, and in the final analysis it will be OUR children who suffer for this FRAUD!


Think of this as you will, I do not see any redemption in it, only more excuse making for acts of a deplorable nature.  He talks only of what he was caught with.  There is no talk of what was not on his computer, but what he participated in, looked at, or did other things too disgusting to put in this article.  He then, instead of taking the heat and preaching against this behavior for the rest of his life, he took the easy way out.  He killed himself.  I am not going to say anything more,…it speaks for itself and what kind of man this guy was.

To the people out there doing SECURITY CLEARANCES, how did this guy get one?  I am dying to know what his status was!


This is another one of those “what the Hell?” stories.  Only Obama and his Obinions could come up with breaking the law, and then picking the people to investigate it.  We called it “grading your own paper” when I was in school, that’s elementary school.  When it happened, I always got an “A” and so did everyone around me.  I am willing to bet Obama and his intelligence stealing agencies come out clean and continue what they are doing and there will not be another SNOWDEN to squeal out the MAGGOTS.  We will have spent millions of dollars and put off any intelligence conversation for another year for something I can tell you right now.  I need that plastic bucket from the THOUGHT OF THE DAY again.


These cows have WASHINGTON DC SYNDROME.  It has spread to cows in Germany.


This I have to see.


Three guesses and two don’t count.


More ridiculous and criminal behavior by the NSA.  DO think there is any guilt that we pay billions of dollars for computer geeks to play Angry Birds all day.


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