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This Video is on CREIGH DEEDS and his son GUS DEEDS who tried to kill his father by stabbing him.  I know the father is suffering, but the boy was not GOOD no matter how many times Mr. Deeds says it, and he WILL be remembered for the acts against his father and himself.  I respect Mr. Deeds for his pain and his protecting his son, but his son was sick and should have been under much more intense care long before the morning of this incident.  Gus Deeds also did not take his medicine and as such put himself at risk and people that had nothing to do with him and his family.  Every day, in the news, people equal to Gus Deeds kill innocent people because they do not take their medicine, do not follow treatment advice.  I know I will be hung out to dry for my prior statements, but do this for me, close your eyes and picture Gus Deeds stabbing, maiming, and killing one of your children and then listen to Creigh Deeds talk about how good his son is/was.  I believe your opinion would change.  I am not against Gus Deeds, but I am against people sick like Gus Deeds who do not follow the advice of specialists, commit horrible crimes, and then blame it on the system.  Gus Deeds did not get into a problem in one big step, but in many, many baby steps.  I would like to think the world would listen, watch and do something about it, but they won’t and Gus Deeds’ tragedy in mental health and death will have been in vain.  The physical scars Creigh Deeds carries from this tragedy will be visible to the world  for the rest of his life.  They will be more important in pressing his message about his son than anything he could ever do in print.  I am caught in the middle, as I protect people from crazy people like Gus Deeds, but don’t ever think that I do not feel for parent’s like Creigh Deeds and his wife and his family who have to deal with that side of darkness.


The President is giving HIS State of the Union Address.  I say HIS because he is the only one he is convincing of any truth contained in it.  It will be sickening to listen to if you are a middle class tax paying citizen who takes care of THEIR children.  Remember, you can cut the TV off and not watch, or keep watching to learn and study how a compulsive, egotistical, fantasy-land President believes he can and will continue to lie to the people he is supposed to serve.    There is also a plastic bucket you should keep by the sofa or chair you are in just in case you wait too long to leave or cut the TV off.  I say the PEOPLE, because I mean all of the people, not the few not paying taxes, not working, having babies they will never support, living off of the government ad nauseum and in perpetuity.  These ARE the people Obama believes are the only people in this country.  In capitalism their will always be the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS that is why you study in school, you work hard, you don’t steal, do drugs or lie, and you use your BRAIN.  I am at a loss though because Obama had access to a Harvard degree and a Harvard law degree and look at have little he understands about America, Capitalism, and the American way of life.  Or maybe he does, and he is working to undermine it.


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