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Obama’s autocratic policies are not new.  He is just following what dictators, despots and other bullies do to get their way.  The rules are made and he breaks them.  He breaks his own rules.  As the article says, he created Obamacare, forced people to vote for it, and now that it is failing and will fail, he is picking and choosing what parts of the law he wants to enforce.  THE LAW IS THE LAW, you don’t get to pick which parts you believe are working and choose them.  I will say that his practices are dangerous because he moves the bar a little to the left at every turn.  One day the United States will wake up under a dictatorship and people will beg, whine and cry as to how it happened.  IN BABY STEPS PEOPLE!  He is destroying our Constitution one little nibble at a time, he is stealing your rights as an American one little nibble at a time, he is stealing your hard-earned money one little nibble at a time.  Everything he has done since coming into office has been to destroy that which America has worked so hard over 200 years to achieve.  He went to law school at Harvard not to learn how to protect, defend and propel the Constitution of the United States, but to destroy, defeat and replace it with Socialist, Autocratic Despotic rule.


The voice of reason are beginning to speak out about the treasonous behavior of this administration.  We have laws that are being ordered by Obama and his Obinions not to be enforced.  The law is the law and the people chosen to run these departments are not chosen to question the laws, but to enforce them.  Under Obama, it is first to call and talk to him and decide which laws are to be enforced.  The head of the Agency then says it was their decision.  The new head of Homeland Security has already stated that he will not enforce Immigration Laws that are on the books.  He feels they should be made legal.  I didn’t know that the head of Homeland Security got a Senate and Congressional seat by being with Homeland Security.


Is this a surprise by anyone’s standards.  Yes, the Russia games are corrupt.  There is no telling how many billions Putin has walked off with.  How many billions his cronies now enjoy for clapping at his heroic physical actions of bravery, scuba diving, horse riding, etc., etc.  He IS the man as we all know.  It is sad when people look to him as a hero over Obama, the supposed leader of the FREE world.  “oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive.” Walter Scott


This woman obviously deserves a death that is celebratory of one who is the vilest, and most heinous idiot the world has ever known.  But she is not.  She is merely one of the worst mother’s ever born.  She should be drawn and quartered on the public square.


This is fantastic!  The best man at Obama and Michele’s wedding is with Hamas and an enemy of Israel.  Perfect.  His tax exempt foundation was fast tracked through the IRS when everyone else was put on hold.  “The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.”


The is great!  Hopefully, this maggot is caught early before he kills anyone else and the person that helped him jailed for a long time.


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