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    The following are INFORMATION, ARTICLES and OTHER that I found interesting for the day, week , month. My PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS are added to the information based on my EXPERIENCES in the SECURITY and INTELLIGENCE professions. If YOU have ARTICLES or OTHER you would like placed on the site, please do not hesitate to send them to me with YOUR OPINIONS at efpipps@gmail.com. I look forward to ALL of your comments and information.
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GO and get them.  Why does it take two years to get on the job?  The timetable for Federal Agencies to solve crime is amazing.  The private sector would never be allowed such a waste of time, money and manpower.


Great story about just getting the job done, “Get the Message to Garcia!”.  If you get the chance read the article and then read the story.


Another disgrace of our Justice system.  Does it really matter what drugs are used to kill a murderer?  It does not.  Just another tactic of gutless liberal defense attorneys, and a Supreme Court that would grant a reprieve based on used toilet paper.  You are right, what I just said made no sense and there you have the parallel with the court system of this country at present.  Smulls deserves a much more painful death than he is getting.  May he rot in Hell whether prison on death.


This is the “what the Hell?” article of the day.  The old man dies literally right in front of a fire house in DC.  One of the firefighters was watching the whole thing.  He said the woman needed to call 911 so the firehouse would respond.  The emergency services sent the wrong EMT’s.  The old man died during all of the BS.   The firefighter’s and city should be proud.  Oh, the old man was a loyal employee of the city for over 40 years.  The irony is palpable.


Atlanta officials act like they are located in the Bahamas and it has never snowed.  There is absolutely no excuse for the negligence that occurred in the traffic and cars being stranded on the highway for days.  This is what you called government FUBAR of the worst kind.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!


Holder can’t explain it or talk about it because Obama’s authority does not exist.  HE IS BREAKING THE LAW and government officials, Congress, the Senate all of them are part of the Felony action being committed.  You can’t pass a law in toto and then pick and choose what parts you want to enforce.  Also, you can’t change the law in it’s content because now you realize it is a fraud!  Holder is a complete and utter joke as Attorney General.


Holder is an incompetent clown!  How can you hold people to something that you, as the issuer, have not issued.  Only Obinions come up with crap like this.  Read this article and you will see just a fraction of the stupidity that good people are having to work under.  This guy is in a stupid league all to his own.  There are no words for sure.


This is what Federal Official’s call the easiest job in the world!  Even they can get arrest in counterfeit seizures.  They are just on every block of Manhattan.  “Shooting fish in a barrel!”  Wow! What talent you guys possess.  “Good job!” and “Carry On”.  Whatever!  If you wanted to go to the Super Bowl just say so, they have thousands of tickets that are not going to sell.  I am sure the FED GOV will pay for your tickets under some ridiculous add-on to the Patriot Act.


This is the, “Whoever did this should die” article for today.  Shooting a three-year old in the head because his dad and mom are maggots is not professional and is unnecessary.  All of the maggots you could shoot and you put one in a three-year olds brain!  You should be proud!  What an ass!  Your day is coming,…soon!


Fraud, Lying, Obamacare, hospital math!  It’s all a FEDGOV sham!  20 thousand dollars for each vial of anti-venom.  I am getting into the snake business people!  The markup by the hospital is


Beebs!  You are the man!  Keep up the good work.  You and others like you who feel the necessity to live their teens over while they are in their twenties will feel the “sting of the whip”.  Your handler’s are doing a great job.  You might want to put in for a little extra for them.  If I could have a word with you for just 30 seconds of your valuable time. “You are going to lose my man, and everything you think is concrete and solid in your life can be taken away.  I have met you.  I protected you a couple of years ago.  With your build, you might want to think twice about going to jail or prison unless you like that kind of thing, that is the physical abuse.  I believe it would be easier and more logical for you to fire the clowns you have around you now and drop a dime my way.  I know you and Moshe didn’t work out, but at least he did his job.  Anyway, like the proverb says, “I hope you get everything you wish for”.


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