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“I will say that in spite of the fact that they are not yet issued, we are working under them as if they were in place and we are also looking for people for the board that we are putting together as part of the review process,” Quote from our illustrious Attorney General, Eric Holder about rules the press must follow in dealing with the “Open” Obama Administration.  The new rules were to be followed even though there was a “glitch” and they were not issued, but you would be held to the rules as if they had been issued, if you had been able to read them after being issued (who’s on first?).  What an IDIOT!  Openness what a lie!


It is sad that the Republican Party cannot get their mess together.  If they could, Obama would not even be an afterthought.  Leadership is the key and the Repub’s can’t seem to get it.  We, as American people, do not want to same old Washington vomit thrown out on the table again for us to pick anything valuable from.  There is nothing there.  All of you SMART people should be able to fix this, if not, keep doing the same old thing you have been doing and see if you get a different outcome.  Good luck with that.  I would be more than happy to watch the whole thing burn, but I have a stake in the game now and I will do whatever I can to “right the wagon”.  As Bush and many other said before him, “you are with me,…or you are then, by definition, against me.!”  Join in, make the U.S. once more great not only in our eyes, but the eyes of other countries, our friends as well are our enemies.  Dump the dead weight holding us back, dump the dead weight that frivolously entertains thoughts of being able to run this country.  We will know when the person steps up to the podium and utters their first words. We thought, at one time, Obama was it, he was not.  He could talk, but he had no substance.  As we say in the South, “that dog just didn’t hunt!”  We need to find a hunter.


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