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Taking anything seriously that comes out of California is folly in and of itself.  It is the State of Fruits and Nuts!


Ridiculous behavior!  How he thought he could get away with it is idiotic.  Then to say who he was and expect to get a break is even worse.


WHO CARES?  The whole family is NUTS!  Mia Farrow is the stalking crazy ex-wife who won’t go away!  She screws up her kids and just keeps going.  What a sicko!  Woody Allen is not any better, but he has gone on with his life.  All of this needs to go away!  Mia get a job, and leave the kids alone.


Not much of an article.  Needs more information.


SO sad, but it was criminal and there were many people who saw what was happening and stood aside.  He was a great actor and a weak, weak man. I feel for his three kids who will, repeated thousands of times a day around the world, be raised without a father because of drug abuse.  The simple people of this country who believe that one can smoke, shoot, injection, snort ANY illegal drug and it will not affect them is a sick, sad, pathetic JOKE!  Illegal is Illegal!  Because our pathetic US Attorney General is too weak to do anything about Illegal drugs does not make them safer.  Obama and Holder are creating more addiction in this country from government handouts to illegal drugs.  I would bet that Hoffman started off smoking a LITTLE pot that wasn’t going to bother anyone.  Well, look what we have now baby!




The Medical Examiner at this Texas town can’t tell the deference in a Donkey attack, or a murder.  Nice!


Murderers who escape from prison should be placed on Death Row for immediate execution, that is my contribution to this problem.   This guy is a maggot and deserves all that is violent in this world placed upon him.


Same story told over and over again.  Crime is not rocket science, these towns are repeat offenders over and over again every year.  Why would anyone want to move to towns with high crime, and are firing police officers?  A question for politicians and Ivy League Genius’s out there.


Same old Report every year!  Experts write this?  We pay for this?  A class of tenth graders could have put this together from Open Source material.  Bloated Intelligence budgets and far too much dependence on computer geeks is placing James Clapper’s organizations in a bad situation.  They are getting “scope lock” again.  The last time that happened we lost a bunch of buildings, a bankrupting of the country and the loss of thousands of lives.  Complacency kills my man, you are supposed to know this.  If you think computer geeks are the panacea to terror you are farther behind the ball than I thought.


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