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“People who study drug trends talk about generational amnesia,” said Ms. Brennan, the special narcotics prosecutor. “We’re now 40 years out from our last major heroin epidemic and I think people have lost their memory of that drug’s devastation.”

New York Police spokesperson speaking on the loss of Phillip Hoffman to a drug overdose, and the continuing and growing numbers of heroin addicts in New York.


There is no Constitutional right for the CIA and the NSA to steal American citizen’s information for any reason.  The more ex-CIA, ex NSA, present CIA, present NSA talking heads go on radio, TV, whatever and claim that they have not stolen this information above and beyond any FISA court paperwork, is a LIE.  They have stolen it, and even if they claim that they have stopped stealing it, there is no way to verify this and they know it.  The point is, their credibility has been shattered and now they have to deal with the fact that Clapper is a LIAR, Obama follows suit along with many of the other

Agency heads that feel they are above the law.  This is the problem you have when you depend too much on one source of intelligence.  This is the problem you have when the Intelligence Agencies are all really one Agency operating under one set of computer geek information theft.  They will never admit this as it would grossly affect their ridiculous, bloated, non-logical budgets.  

As I have said before, in the private sector having 17 people get your coffee in the morning would be asinine.  Having another 17 get your cream and sugar even more so, but this is what is happening and there is no one with the BALLS to stand up and say that we don’t need 95 % of it.  What we need is people specifically tasked for duties in their stated departments, fields, education and experience who DO their jobs without 16 other people questioning what they are doing.  The CIA has no legal reason to be operating in any way inside of the borders of the US.  That is the job of the FBI.  

Picture Warren Buffet as the FBI, and Bernie Madoff as the CIA.  Madoff can do all he wants to screw up the world outside of the US, but I would rather have Buffett operating inside the borders.  You choose, but understand the CIA and NSA operate with no controls or rules, they are dominated by “the greater good” syndrome and the problem with that is there is no definition for it, or limitations.  It is whatever some clown at one of those Agencies decides it is at that moment in time and space.  


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