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It is fantastic that Obama’s people continue to lie in the face of hard cold numbers.  How democrats and liberals believe that the cost of everything can go up, but employers will continue to hire people.  PEOPLE it has to be paid for!  If I am spending my money on expensive healthcare that doesn’t cover me any more, how am I going to afford to hire more people.  In fact, I am going to let people go.  That is what sane people call economics.  Obamacare is a FANTASY!


An Illegal kills two children and gets community service time, that’s fantastic.  She should have never been in this country to begin with.  This is occurring thousands of times a year in America.  Illegal’s are killing American citizens by the thousands.  The government hides the statistics because of the backlash from the knowledge that none of it should occur in the first place.  What a disgrace!


This is ridiculous without a doubt, but the joke to me is that the Army says it will take two years to investigate it.  What the Hell!  It takes two years in America to investigate what is a basic fraud.  What a sick joke.  How incompetent can an organization get.


Hey Sotomayor, I am going to let you in on a little basic fact of ILLEGALS, they are in this country ILLEGALLY!  This makes them ILLEGALS.  Wake up IDIOT! You work for the American people not the ILLEGALS of Mexico! You took an oath to the people of America, not to the people who break the laws of this country and continue to do so.  Maybe, if you feel the way you do you should resign your judgeship and pick up a sign and stand at the border and complain about ILLEGALS being here ILLEGALLY.  You won’t do that though because you would have to give up your paycheck. Fat chance on that.




Hang them!  In New York though, they will be put up for public office.


This is an article stating facts I doubt most people knew.  The article asks why rapists flock to Alaska, well one reason is contained in the article and that is the writer hides the name of the rapist.  If you hide the rapist then they will continue their evil ways.


This is beautiful.  The US should befriend these Psychos and release them on al Qaeda!


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