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Did the Olympic Committee believe that Russia would be changed by the Winter Olympics?  Come on!  Putin and his band of thieves walked away with BILLIONS and people are drinking brown water in fancy hotels.  They wipe their rears with sandpaper toilet paper, and then have to put the paper in trash bins, not the toilet.  This is a place I want to rush too.  You are also paying premium dollars for this.  I can’t wait!
These stupid glasses are going to get people killed, beaten and other.  It is just RUDE to wear them in public and invade people’s “public privacy”.  Their will be instances of these glasses found in people’s rectums after a public beating.  I am all for it.  What a stupid invention.  There will be “oops, I seem to have broken your stupid toy glasses!”
Is this a big secret?  The only people who say they are smart are the NSA and CIA people.  They live in their little compartmentalized world and pat themselves on the back about how intelligent they are and all of the “good” they are doing.  It is sad,…so sad!  The outside world of “computer geek freaks” runs circles around them, but never interfere with Intel Agencies stating how well they work, Oh, and we need another 10 billion dollars so our geeks can play more video games all day.
All of this borrowing by Chicago is only putting the city deeper into debt.  Rommy is only “kicking the can” down the street for someone else to deal with later.  He is an OBINION, and as such, has only his own skin to watch out for.  Illinois is BANKRUPT as we speak!  They will never be able to pay their pensioners the ridiculous amount of money they were promised.  Chicago led the way with the corruption of the system and the taking advantage of the people of the city and state.  It is done!  “Move over Detroit you have lots of company coming to party!”
It is exactly what a DICTATOR would do, or a despot!  He can’t do it legally, so do it illegally.  Hell, the Congress and Senate are not going to stop him.  They couldn’t stop a simple case of the squirts.
Sad article on suicide and the people affected by occupations that continue on for reasons no one can figure out any longer.  The troops need to come home and the people of the God forsaken dumps our soldiers are dying for and being maimed for need to “man up” and protect their own way of life, which is what they are doing.  They are radicals and they will always be and as long as we are there they will have the excuse to continue their pathetic cause.  GET OUT NOW AMERICA!  We are not changing a thing over there.  Any idiot with a history book can tell you that.  As for these families, I feel for you.
DO it up my man!  Your day is coming!
Do it up babes, your day is coming!  You are not going to heaven!  You are the exact reason Hell was created!
This guy should stay in jail, and he will pay out any money he has ever accrued to the victim.  What an idiot!  He should not get bail for any reason.

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