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It’s done now.  The world is on the boat and will have to ride the storm.  Hopefully, any trouble makers will have been dealt with harshly by the Russian government.  Cross your fingers, because that is about as good as it gets.


Another case of stupidity run amuck!  The hatred, the violence, the planning, the sickness that was/is involved in this case is grotesque.  The Hayes’ should rot in 9 by 7’s for the rest of their lives.  The scariest thing is the animosity between the two women, Hayes and Ackerson, is far from being unique.  The sad state of the domestic court systems across this country to deal with these kinds of custody cases is in the hundreds of thousands.  I know why the courts don’t want to deal with them, Hell I hear about one of these cases at least once a day and shake my head at the vitriol shouted at me while they state their case.  It’s always the other person who caused the problems, cheated, lied, took advantage, duped them.  People, lie, cheat steal, have kids by different people, continue on with new relationships that they duplicate the original horrendous behavior, and all while not taking care of the original case, kids, money, divorce.  It is a cesspool.  The sadness is, every time I read about something like this I think that it cannot get any worse.  I am wrong, humanities cruelness and violence towards humanity has no bottom.  The violence will continue and the children will suffer.  People will be stupid no matter how much education they have, or how smart everyone thinks they are.  The courts will stay overloaded, and justice will suffer and be denied for the ones rotting six feet below the ground, resting on a bed of “what should have been” and “what could have been” for a life taken too soon.


Another “fantastic” article on the US Government raping it’s citizens and the IRS, in all of their glory!  Why do people hate the IRS, what it stands for, and the people who work there?  I will give you three guesses and two don’t count.


This is the kind of crap that gets people’s blood pressure up.  The maggot attorney that took this case, to the family members trying to make a dime off of the American people for their PSYCHO family member and saying the responsibility was on anyone other than Carey is beyond comprehension.  Then to bring race into it like that made any difference in the PSYCHO trying to kill anyone walking around the Capital that day, WHAT?.  The woman was crazy and trying to run people down.  She would have killed anyone walking in front of her: man, woman or child.  The cops shot her and put her out of her misery.  If there ever was a case that the government should counter-sue for legal costs, this is it.  The “families” motives are obvious and they have nothing to do with Carey, but a lot to do with profiteering!


This is great!  This guy must have worked for the DEA at some point, then moved to the ATF.  Fantastic!


You think!  More like morally imbecilic!


Sounds like the Russian porn industry sites will have a spike in new content coming up after the Olympics.  Unless, of course, you are willing to cough up a few thousand dollars in BITCOIN currency to have the images go away.  But, Hell, forget about it I am sure viewers will not be able to recognize your face.


Interesting article for sure.  It just happened that the other night I took two sorority sisters to the range so they could learn and familiarize themselves with a couple of different weapons.  What is interesting is the intensity of which they were willing to learn to shoot.  There was no hesitation at aiming the weapon at a paper target head and pulling the trigger.  Afterwards, I asked them if there would be a difference if the target was live, without hesitation they stated together they would put anyone, anyone down that was a threat to them or someone they loved.  I was stunned by the eye contact they gave me and the lack of hesitation in voice as to show any pity.  There was absolutely none!  Let me say also, that if you were to see these two out in public the last thing you would think would be that they would be capable of such aggressive action.  I will state to “bad” people out there in the world, your stupidity in occupation is becoming much more dangerous.  You are on notice that there is a populace out there that will not tolerate being threatened, abused, violated, and or killed.  They will fight back and they will fight back hard.  The garden snake has mated with the most horrendous of vipers, and the fangs and venom proffered  will pity not the fool.


You can do a lot of things, but to mess with a man’s dog,…God help you!  The Taliban, nutless as they are, now are taking animals.  What’s next, gerbils?  What a bunch of low life maggots.  I will proffer the money for three Hellfire missiles for this one.


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