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No one denies the fact that Woody Allen is a strange and sick dude, but this thing just goes on and on.  Mia Farrow is equally sick in her own way.  Her need to get a “pound of flesh” from Allen is sad and pathetic.  She married him, she stayed with him.  He did not just pick up these sick habits over night.  She finally left him, or he left her, I mean, really, WHO CARES!  These two live in the sick bottom dwelling populace of New York, but they don’t.  They live in the upper echelon, so if I were a New Yorker hanging out with these two pathetic people I think I would re-visit my friend list.  It is sadder that the kids have to deal with either one of them.
Is this really a surprise.  I am sure Kerry negotiated the Iranians docking at our ports when he came up with the last idiotic agreement with Iran.  The idiots teaching the stupid cheered by the imbeciles.  Kerry and his diplomacy means the opposition gets everything, no matter how ridiculous, and we Americans get the shaft.  He is a genius at his job. NOT!
There is obviously nothing going on in Connecticut.  If this is what they worry about then it is truly a pathetic thing. Give me a break!
How about get away from this “abracadabra” stuff and just get the soldiers out of the Middle East.  We don’t need to be in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, any of them.  It is serving no purpose and any gains will be reversed in a day, and that is the day we walk out finally.  Quit wasting good men and women on a “no objective” operation.
This case is a joke on its face.  Compared to the lying, deceiving, traitorous behavior that people in the Obama administration commit, this is sad.  The Benghazi lies, the IRS lies, the NSA lies, the Unaffordable Care Act lieS, I mean really are you kidding?  I don’t condone this guy Kim and his big mouth, but if you are going to go after him with a dozen FBI Agents and a “get him at any cost” mentality, what are you going to do with the above Traitors.  I will tell you what Obama and his Obinions are going to do, NOTHING!  He will lie, cheat, conspire, whatever it takes to get his ideas through.  The American people be damned, the American legal system be damned and the Constitution be damned.  If Kim is a traitor to this country, then what is Obama and his Obinions?
Picking on the TSA is too easy.  Everyone knows they have many more mental weaknesses than intelligence so they are tolerated.  This is just another in the thousands of stupid acts committed by TSA employees who think they are actually accomplishing something positive.  I wonder if the idiot looked at her face to see if she had any aggressive wrinkles showing she was under some kind of stress.  That was another billion dollar investment the American public got stuck with.  There are NO words to describe TSA as it relates to security.
Do it up Clint!

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