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This is what people are taking as a serious candidate for PRESIDENT?  Have you lost your mind?  This woman would lie for everything, and stand for nothing.   She blamed herself for Billy Boy cheating on her.  She blamed everyone but Billy Boy, I mean really what kind of decision-making is this?


People!  What will it take for you to understand that Obama will sacrifice anyone above a certain pay grade for someone who sits on their ass doing nothing and living off of the government.  He will bend over backwards for Illegals, but give up on people trying to live legally in this country. So sad!


What in the world?  This I do not get.  I thin we can safely say that a majority of these maggots are in this country illegally.


This is the “so fricking sad” article of the day.  It is remarkable that the innocent’s die and the maggots that caused the accident live.  We spent tens of thousands of dollars to save them.  The death penalty for maggots driving drunk that kill the innocents.  Sa sad! So tragic!




I will make this one easy.  The place is a CRAP hole and will never amount t anything positive in the modern world.  DON’T GO THERE!


This is the face of a true IMBECILE!  Don’t look too long, in America it is contagious.


Some security!


It is the military and decisions are not democratic. Sad, but true.


Blah! Blah! Blah!


What the,…?


This is just Sick! Sick! Sick!


There are no words for this.  Ex crazy cop, and a guy that was a prick at the theater.  I didn’t know that popcorn could be so dangerous.  Let this be a lesson to someone about something, or let us just say that these were two idiots sitting too close to each other in a movie theater.  I find it odd that the theater looks empty, but these two sat so close to each other.  I have been in an empty theater before sitting in my favorite seat and a couple came in and sat directly behind me and my girlfriend.  I mean,…REALLY!  You have the entire theater, then the man put his foot on the back of my girlfriends seat.  Are you kidding me?  But does the guy deserve to be shot,  uh no!  Would I like to bury my elbow in his skull cap,…YES!  But I didn’t, you let it go, or you walk away.  I did speak in a voice loud enough for my girlfriend and the clown to hear that some people were RUDE!  HE removed his foot, and the couple got up and walked to another area of the theater.  The movie was much better after that.


Another “what the,…?”  article.  Sad again!


The kid is only sorry for kicking caught!  What a piece of crap!  His parents should be really proud.  Where is this cretin’s parents.


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