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ObamaCare IS the greatest fraud ever forced upon any nation in recorded time.  It is passing the 2 trillion-dollar mark and it has not even been implemented yet.  Obama keeps breaking the law by changing the law on the fly.  He has no clue or concept what he is doing, where this is going, or what the Hell it is going to do to the American economy.  The last one I can tell you.  It is ripping this country apart.  Every business in America is not trying to put ObamaCare in force, but they are trying to get around it any way they can.  It is unworkable, it does nothing Obama promised, but idiots sucking up to Obama still stand and say it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  It is not.  The economics are a sick, sad joke.  The math that is used on this would make a three-year old lower his head.  SO pathetic!  If Obama was a man, a leader, an American, he would stand and say he made a mistake and stop this farce right now.  The Socialist model will fail again, and the people suffering will be the people he THINKS he is helping, but he is not helping because he is treating them like they will never amount to anything on their own, that’s why he has to be a dictator over the rich, and no-so-rich supposedly protecting the poor and illiterate.  What a disaster.

THIS IS A DIRECT SECURITY THREAT TO THIS COUNTRY.  People talk about terrorism, any jihad nut bag does not hold a candle to the damage ObamaCare is doing to America.  One violent act is done and over, but ObamaCare continues on and on and on.  WAKE UP AMERICA!


Krauthammer hit the nail on the head!  This is the leadership of a despot, autocrat, dictator.  Obama is breaking the law every day he goes around the Constitution signing his Executive Orders.  This was not meant for the way he is using it.  The gutless, yellow-bellied Congress and Senate sit back and run their mouths, but do nothing.  The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse: Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid continue to ride roughshod over the Constitution, and the American people.



You don’t like it, GO BACK TO MEXICO!  Oh, that’s right, you can’t because the place is a crap hole, and YOU have no loyalty to your country or America.  America to you traitors is simply a FREE RIDE.  One that you can pilfer from.  It is one of the reasons Mexico will never rise above third world status, because it’s citizens have NO LOYALTY!  Your weak and complacent actions in Mexico create a livable environment for drug cartels, despots, murderers, and an economy on life support, and an illiteracy rate above 90%.  You come to America ILLEGALLY, and you do the same crap here that you did there.  Let me say, I am but the messenger for the truth of the matter and it is SAD!  It is sad that our Justice Department  and President have chosen Illegal actions over protecting Americans from this assault and occupation.  I don’t have to say a word.  The reason the President and Holder commit the treasonous acts that they do, the way they do, and then lie about them IS because THEY are breaking the laws of this country by not enforcing the laws of this country.



IS THIS A SURPRISE!  Obama did not invent the wheel on setting himself up as a despot.  The formula is simple and has been done thousands of times before in recorded history.  What is surprising is how people do not read history and, are thus, victims of the same criminal and traitorous behavior over and over.  This is why a despot throws pennies to the poor and illiterate to gain their allegiance, pennies that in the end will cost them their dignity, their freedom, and inevitably their lives.  Obama is spending pennies now in, what will cost tens of dollars to the poor, later.  The red flags are flying high and colorful right now people.  This is not going to end well.



This is what transpires when supposedly intelligent (wicked smart) people try to be too intelligent.  They want to be home at 17:30 hrs. to watch their reality shows, and trying to carry out a war and occupation halfway around the planet just gets in the way of that, besides traffic on 123 and 495 is a bear that time of day.  So, we come up with computer programs to track bad guys and gals by a number of ways.  It is all great on paper, until CNN reports fifty kids blown apart by a missile of unknown origin.  Forget the fact that it had LOCKHEED MARTIN/MADE IN THE USA spray painted on the outside of it.  The reporter will be censored, the village will be cut a check for $50.00 and the NSA will continue on with JSOC and the CIA in their perpetual video War and Occupation games, and the Intelligencia will be able to catch all of the latest episodes of Breaking Bad.

THIS IS A DIRECT SECURITY THREAT TO THIS COUNTRY, as the more innocent people we kill,  the more collateral damage the news agencies report, the more enemies are created.  This is basic math, basic psychology and basic WTF idiots!




This is just painful to watch, but that remind me I have to go to the gym!  Ugh!


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