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GET READY FOR THE SNOW! Global Warning! What a joke!


nemo me impune lacessit
No one provokes me with impunity. (motto of the kings of Scotland)



Looks like old “honey pot bunny boy” Petraeus is selling himself out for some type of appointment IF HRC runs for President.  The article talks about HRC’s tough times, I believe HPBB meant to refer to her dealing with Billy “get me some” Clinton. This article is even more baffling, in that, HRC ripped Petraeus a new one during the Iraq War.  I believe that Davy has been under way too much stress from his wife wearing him out over the Paula “I love me a runnin man” Broadwell.  What a vomit pool!


NOTHING is safe on the internet! NOTHING is safe on your phone! NOTHING is safe on your computer!  There are NO secrets that have not, or will not be discovered.  Security for these items is PATHETIC at best for you have the US Government stealing everything they can, you have foreign governments filling the gaps, you have computer geek freak hackers competing, and then you have the banks, social sites, store sites, email sites, etc. all competing to take your information and make a frickin’ dime off of it. Picture your face, name, and personal information placed upon the JumboTron in Times Square and you would still not come close to matching the INFORMATION DISPLAY occurring with your most trusted secrets.  The hilarious thing is that the US Government , and all of the other entities I mentioned kid themselves into thinking that they are above the fray and their crap is protected.  Now that is what I call INSTITUTIONAL BIT DEMENTIA.  The RULE OF THE DAY is A COMPUTER IS A TOOL.  It is not the be all end all the government and advertisers claim it is.  As with any tool there must be backups to it, as any plan, any first action is bound to fail under the laws of the FATES.  Plan ABCD.  Treat the computer for what it is, a tool and a tool alone and it will screw you to the wall if you don’t.


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