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Unless they are going to be using prime ammo for target practice, which I find disturbing, from a professional, practical and logical standpoint, they are wasting a lot of money and ammunition.  Far be it than to let logic and reason stand in the way of  politicians, a DHS clown, and a contractor raking in the money get in the way of the DHS training for ZOMBIES! What a bunch of IDIOTS!  Also, hats off to LAW ENFORCEMENT TARGETS, their making targets with pregnant women, children and old people to sell to DHS was a classic.  The imbeciles leading the stupid trained by the brainless!  You wonder why TSA cannot carry weapons?  Really?


Send these guys to Washington!  Start with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid).


More stupid, foolish, lying and decision-making!  There is NO end to it!


Enjoy the 9 by 7, you earned it!


The question is not Rand Paul doing this, but why there is not a line out of the Federal Courthouse of people suing Obama, as he is breaking the law, and stomping on the Constitution every day!


What can you say about this?



Old, but good video!



Sick! Sick! Sick!  This is why the death penalty needs to stay on the books, maggots like this.


What a waste of money! The NSA serves itself, not the American public.  The stealing of American’s information for reasons of a ridiculous and childlike nature is sad and criminal.  If the place was run correctly people could trust and be safe with them, but idiots, cram artists, and outright liars are at the reins presently. It needs to be cleaned out.


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