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Lex dei vitae lampas
“The law of God is the lamp of life”
Motto of the Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Melbourne


Don’t buy a gun for your home if you don’t have a Plan of Action (POA).  People begin conversations with me about what gun to buy, and me taking them to the range to learn how to shoot.  I don’t mind teaching anyone how to shoot, but buying a gun for home protection without taking in all of the other variances is risky at best, and tragic at worst.  Where you live, what you live in, who lives with you, how old everyone is around you, are just some of the factors that play into using a firearms wisely for home and self-protection.  An over-all PLAN OF ACTION needs to be developed and then instituted with all parties involved made aware of their specific roles in it.  One person not following the POA can create a  disastrous outcome.  Believe me when I say, someone selling a “one size fits all” plan to you is full of crap.  Every person, every family, every business is different in hundreds of ways.  Don’t even buy a firearm for home protection until you have a POA and one that has been thought out extensively.  A firearm is a tool, it is not a panacea to all of your security fears,  and you want something to eliminate your fears with one purchase.



ERIC HOLDER cannot help himself.  He is an IDIOT and has no knowledge of the job he was given.  There are about three thousand other items he could be actually taking care of that would mean something to the country, but no he wants to worry about a bunch of CONVICTED CONVICTS.  I would go into it, but it makes not one bit of difference.  You can’t teach stupid!  Have at it Eric,…Stupid!


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