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Even the Tigers knew this guy was a NUT!  They did not want any of it.


One 7.62 round to the head would end this fat boy’s pain.  What a maggot!


You just as well have been talking to a rabid pit bull!  This guy is CRAZY, and trying to speak logically to a idiot is never going to work.  If you shook this guys head it would rattle from the rocks inside.  Save your breath!


The reason maggots like Madoff get away with what they do is because they are GOOD at it, and people are more than happy to suspend intelligence if they think they can profit greatly from it.  


Poor babies!  Over educated, whiny children having to work hard for a hundred thousand bucks or more, I feel SO sorry for you.  Let’s think of the things you should be thankful for: you were born healthy and intelligent, you went to the best colleges, you have the opportunity to work on Wall Street, yu have the opportunity to learn from the best in the world, you can make a lot more money, you can retire early if you plan, you can live the Wolf of Wall Street crappy life if you want.  Stop whining and work!  Obama needs your money anyway.  Celebrate only paying 36 percent in taxes, before long Obama will be taking 50 percent plus.


Too close! This is what happens when COMMUNICATION goes to crap, and an idiot gives the bomb coordinates.


“Last in, first out” these guys and guys like him come and go.  I see no difference here.


Lies, upon lies, upon lies, the Federal Government and the NSA have lied and deceived so long they don’t know any longer where the truth ends and their lies begin.  Any excuse to lie more is acceptable to them.  They are truly three years olds saying anything and claiming anything to continue criminality, and and or, cover the criminality up.  Any agreement reached with the Fed or NSA or the CIA would be abused the next by them.  They want a pass so they can just get back in the drivers seat and continue on.  The Fed, NSA, CIA are not remorseful at all, they are only sorry they got caught.  


Racism at a textbook level.  The black kid gets out of a car walks up to the white kid, punches him and kills him.  There was no reason for the assault other than the knockout game of black violence on a white victim.  The court gave the black kid only ten years which with the crap the courts allow will be down to only five years.  The black kid, Smithers, has been in trouble before and and was in trouble at the time of this crime.  Where is Obama with his, “Colton Gleason could have been me” crap speech!  What a sad joke.  A good kid is killed my another maggot that was given the pink panied treatment.


Its troubling, because the FBI is breaking the law and the Justice Department, Eric Holder, keeps trying to cover it up.  It is a blatant 4th Amendment violation.


Is this a surprise?  The maggots are already breaking the laws, on top of already breaking the law, and the Federal Government is allowing it.  Once again, Eric Holder is not doing his job.  The system is BROKEN PEOPLE!


The “pink pantying” of men in America!  Interesting article on modern society’s de-balling men!


Big surprise!


Sad story for the woman and two children, but they were ILLEGALS and couldn’t speak English.  The husband killed them, but as normal, the press and the liberal maggots are blaming the police department.  I am no lover of New York and their crazy laws, but give me a break, the police did their jobs.  Illegals killing each other because they can’t speak English is not their problem but they will be blamed.  The Illegal’s will get an attorney who is a bigger maggot than them and file suit and taxpayers will be held responsible for Illegal behavior on top of Illegal behavior!


This is the “what the Hell!” article of the day.


This is the “people have nothing to do!” article of the day!


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