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“POTUS and John Kerry have NO plan for action in the Ukraine.  Putin is walking all over these two yellow-bellies, and he will continue to do so.  There is no action because there is no plan.  POTUS is too busy trying to lie through too many other things he started and is covering up.  Kerry was in over his head three years after he was born and he has been trying to catch up ever since.  The American people are not on the Titanic, because the Captain and his mates went down with the ship there.  No, we are on the Costa Concordia off of the cost of Tuscanny where the incompetence of the Captain and his crew cost the lives of many, and they ran the ship aground.  They left the ship before it sank.  POTUS and his Obinions will do the same.”

Emiel Fisher, PI, PPS


I have clients and friends stating that their kids (college age) want to go to Mexico for SPRING BREAK.  They want to know what they should do to protect them if they are allowed to go.  The following are a few suggestions.

  1. Don’t let them go.
  2. If they go, get them to fill out a KPAC (kidnap package) which will contain much of the information needed in real time to find them.
  3. Remember, “two is one, and one is none.”  Get a friend to go that is not a “nut”  the two stay together the entire time they are on the trip.
  4. Have the Subject (student) take a “spook” class in SITUATIONAL AWARENESS and staying out of the limelight and harms way.
  5. Have the student stay in a hotel near an airport with International flights.
  6. Buy the insurance to cover health and private jet to get them out if injured, or other.
  7. Carry nothing that is of “instant” criminal value: jewelry, computers, large sums of cash.
  8. Do not make friends once there.  Make acquaintances.  Do not trust anyone.
  9. Plan everything in A, B, C, D, E, etc.  Know when you are being painted into a corner and bail out of it.
  10. Do not be afraid or feel guilt for saying, “NO!, and “HELL NO!”
  11. Make sure your phone covers Mexico and the United States.  In fact buy a Nextel Mexico cell phone when you get there.  Buy the minutes.  These phones work across the country.  If your phone is stolen, you still have other communication.
  12. Do not take certain taxis especially late at night.  Work out schedule so that yu are not placed in a trust position with someone you do not know.
  13. Read the U.S. State Department’s alerts on Mexico and what sections are troublesome at the moment.
  14. If there, keep a low profile.  Mexico is not Vegas!  You draw attention to yourself and you will suffer.
  15. Come up with communication with the person/s you go with that state you want to leave the place you are at, and or other things without alerting locals or the bad guys.
  16. Get rooms that have a safe in them.  Use it.
  17. If you feel lucky, roll the dice and go.  If not, DON’T!
  18. Read the CIA’s information site on the country you are visiting.  Know more about the country than the typical tourist.
  19. Look at maps of the country, and the place you are visiting so you have some knowledge of your location and geography.
  20. Have them read GAVIN DEBECKER’S book, “The Gift of Fear”, before they go.
  21. DO what is necessary for the KPAC.  Call RDP Worldwide, Inc for information.
  22. There are many more things to pay attention to, but these are a great start for students traveling to certain countries.  Read them, pay attention to them, and learn them.


Is anyone with me in questioning whether JOHN KERRY knows what he is doing at all? I thought POTUS was in over his head, but now I believe JOHN KERRY and ERIC HOLDER are running neck-and-neck in racing to show how idiotic you can be and hold two of the highest offices in this country.  It is SO sad and embarrassing.  Kerry going to Kiev with a billion dollars in aid only helps Putin.  Kerry will give up the money to the Ukraine and Putin will take the country and the money.  Kerry and Obama will stand on the sideline as inept, imbecilic yellow bellies and do nothing about it.  What a joke!


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