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I will keep a running check on the number of days until the next election.  Take from this what you will.  I will say it WILL be a happy day in U.S. History.

975 days
23435 hours


“We don’t let them have ideas.  Why would we let them have guns?”
Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union


Could CNN or FOX be anymore redundant, and mean any less?  24 hours of the same news, said the same way.  It just painful to watch.  It’s just painful to experience.



I have a friend who contacted me about what my thoughts were on Internet Dating.  She knew that I had done it before, with success and failure, and what security steps could she take to make it an enjoyable experience and not a horror story.  I have consulted with other females on this topic and believe that there should be a training class created in the future for this type of security. The number of people using the Internet to find love, friendship and or other is much larger than most people want to admit.  The following are some of my thoughts on the subject.

First, Internet Dating is a double-edged sword.  Understand this and respect it.

You can meet the person of your dreams, or you can meet a horror story to be played later on one of the shows on murder, mayhem and stalking that come on every night on cable TV.  Make rules to follow and follow them.  DO NOT DEVIATE!  Or do and become the next horror story.

Have a specific goal for this type of Social Media.

If you are getting into Internet Dating to meet the love of your life then plan that out. Don’t go into it with one goal and then lower your standards, your ambitions, your trust level for anyone. If you want to get married, then find the person that meets those strict qualifications, DON’T SETTLE!

Write down your expectations.

This is key for yourself and the sanity of the people around you who have to listen to your speeches about the people you meet and despise, but keep dating.  WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!  If the person is a LOSER, then dump them.  You are not going to change someone who is 45, 50, 55 years old.  They are what they are, or as Popeye said, “I am, what I am!”  Once you write down, in list form, exactly what you are looking for, make a copy and give it to the friend that is trusted and is stuck following you in this journey.  It is their job to keep you on point and not let you settle for the losers out there who lie, cheat and steal and suck the life out of you.

Choose a site commensurate with your goals.

If you are a prude and like to stay within some standard of normalcy and honor, choose EHARMONY. If you are more trusting and not very good on the computer, then go with MATCH.  Match also allows people that are still married and or separated to date on their site, whatever this means.  The point is, if you are looking for a standard date and get married relationship, the chances of finding a good one on Match is much lower than Eharmony.  There are tons of sites out there, but they are all connected some way or another.  Again, the point I am making is to pick a site that fits in the list that you have provided. Don’t go t Sadomasochist if you want pink bunnies, dinner and cuddling.

Right down the Rules you will follow.

Also, this is very important and once done give the list to your friend to make you follow. This means, as an example, no late calls and meetings in unknown bars, coffee shops, or restaurants that you are unfamiliar with.  Keep the time you meet to the second.  No more no less.  There are many more rules.  Call me if you want them.

Have an Internet Dating Realist Friend to keep you on point.  I have thought about charging the number of people I perform this duty for.

Be a Statistical Realist.

This means that if you are 50 years old, don’t think you are going to meet someone that age also that hasn’t been married, had kids, carries dead weight of some kind, or is not crazy in some way or another.  If they claim they are not the above, RUN as fast as you can because they are NUTS and terrible LIARS!  The examples of the abuse of this are innumerable.  Just keep your hopes in a tight, confined, logical box.

There are thousands of more rules, traits, examples to follow when dating on the internet, but you will have to call me to talk about a small fraction of them.  Just take the above and realize that Internet Dating has to be done with respect and sacrifice.  Hell, just filing out some of the forms to get on a site can take hours.  Is it worth it? Yes it can be. Can it be a horror? Yes it can, if you don’t follow the rules. FOLLOW THE RULES!


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