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This is the abuse of power thing when it comes to getting private companies involved in law enforcement.  The private companies are placing the cameras in locations where traffic is highest and there is no high/low for speed allowance.  Do these cameras ticket you for 1 mile over the speed limit, 10 miles of the speed limit?  The private companies are not worried about safety only money generation.


Interesting, more to come on this.


What a proud day!  He is in no way alone in this type of miscreant behavior.


You think?


Lies! On top of lies! On top of lies! On top of lies!  They (CIA) have no idea anymore what the truth is.  All of their fancy computer programs and deceit driven examination cannot keep it all straight.  The CIA lies to its bosses and handlers, and like a child then goes to the other parent to claim innocence.  So Wicked smart! Whatever!  They are like the people in Hollywood who surround themselves with people of like, kind and quality beliefs.  They never get a negative answer because THEY are so smart and know SO much.  The rest of us FAWN at the feet of such great leaders.  Whatever!


Does anyone really believe this will ever be figured out?  NOT!


It is a big plane just to go missing.  All the computer crap everyone has and they have lost the plane.  They keeping talking about the people on the plane with false I.D.’s, Hell you get on a flight out of the southwest part of this country, or Florida and at least 3% on the plane will have false, fake or outright fraudulent I.D.’s.  Illegal’s carry only fraudulent I.D.’s.  Remember, they are here ILLEGALLY!


The cop in this should be charged with: abuse of power, assault, destruction of personal property, just to start with.  What a piece!  Then the Chief of Police takes up for the maggot, that’s great!  Another example of ASSACHUSETTS living up to its reputation of ridiculous lwaws and enforcement.


“Hell has no wrath,…!”


Party Time!


Interesting!  Don’t act like you won’t read this article especially if you live in Northern Virginia!  Everything has rules even threesomes.


These are the women who claim that they are of the people, but 9 out of 10 are democrats.  I doubt very seriously that the people they represent have tens of millions of dollars at their disposal.  The hypocrisy is palpable.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for making as much money as you can, but stand in front of the world and claim you are equal to them and you share their financial pain, because you don’t.  It is just more ammunition for how out of touch the democratic party is with the people they supposedly represent.


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