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The mystery continues.  Somebody is going to take a HIT on this one!  Why do you put the transponders in the JET where they can be turned off?  Why wouldn’t one of them be accessible only from outside the jet on the tarmac.  Airline Security is SO confusing.
At the least it is treason, but why is it that everyone in America knew it but these Wicked Smart people.  It wasn’t until they got their fingers “burnt” that they cared.  The CIA (Brennan) and the DNI (Clapper) have lied over and over not only to the American people, but to government entities they have perjured themselves in front off.  What the Hell? Why are they not brought up on charges?  Everyone else is/would be!  Throw Alexander (NSA) in there also.  There is NO one in government that is SO important, SO intelligent, SO all-knowing that can’t be replaced in an hour or less.  Why these guys think they are is not new, but is amazing for their, “Who gives a crap about the Senate, or the Congress!” attitudes.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, and then saying, “kiss my ass!”  There is a hatchet, and there is a skull, right now one needs to meet the other with buried velocity and end this madness.
Sad,for sure, but why do people feel the need?  It is painful for people who are left behind to deal with how a close friend, cohort, family member could have been so lost, so confused, so sick as to think death would be better than life.  That emptiness would be better, more tolerable, more acceptable than the fullness of living.  I know from personal experience that the suicide of someone close is something that you never get over.
This is my local news, “what the Hell” story.  The girl in the story was a waitress at a local restaurant I go to on a regular basis.  She was the meekest, quietest, least likely candidate for this kind of stupidity I would have ever guessed.  I knew she carried “weight” from bad past relationships, bad decisions, and a life cruising along in the slow lane, but I will say now that even I was surprised by THIS behavior from her.  She has definitely dug a deep hole for herself here, good luck with it, but as much as I liked her what she and the cretin did to their victim is unacceptable and unforgivable.  Hell has a seat for you, now sit and enjoy the ride you paid for in idiocy and an association with a man who deserves a much hotter seat in Hell than you.
This guy is SUCH a tool!  What a LOSER!  Hell has a special place for this kind of pathetic creature.  He couldn’t open the bathroom door so he shot into it knowing the girl was in there.  PISStorius has lied SO much he has no idea what the real story was/is/will be in the future.  This guys GREATEST handicap wasn’t his missing limbs, but his SICK, maladjusted MIND!
Just an interesting article on NBA players expensive homes, and where they are.
Good, I hope they CHOKE on it!  They wanted it, they couldn’t do enough in BLIND TRUST for Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others, now the medicine is going to come hard and go down harder.  “Burn baby Burn!

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