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970 days
“It’s not the fact that I can’t keep a secret, it’s the people I tell that can’t keep it.”
-Abraham Lincoln
Today’s thought is on secrets and what really is a secret.  I would say that in the real world, in real time there are few secrets that cannot be garnered by a little bit of time and effort on the computer (Open Source).  I know the U.S. Intelligence Agencies, as well as other Agencies around the World, pride themselves on their secrecy (past tense programs), but it is a false positive.  Sure the specific name of a specific file may be secret, but the program as a whole is not.  The CIA, as an example should understand, as any company does in the outside world that secrecy is only days, weeks, maybe months old before it is discovered through whatever means and spread throughout the Industrialized World.  The best secrecy is to stay “ahead of the ball”, don’t look back always be pushing forward.  Untainted, perpetual, unabated creation going forward at a high rate of speed is hard/impossible to overcome or catch up too.  This is what the U.S. is known for, it is what draws good people, as well as bad people to this country.  SO, when you are sitting there at your desk scared about what is being stolen and you don’t have any control over it, or you are wasting massive resources to try and cover it, remember, whatever is being taken is yesterdays news, it is already in the birdcage absorbing the crap and pee of a digestive system two days old.  Don’t waste time on that which, by the laws of nature, humanity, and the weaknesses of 0″s and 1’s cannot be protected.  The best security in the world is the creation of IT tomorrow and the next day, if you take anything from Quantum Physics/Mechanics take that.  You will leave the World of the Negative and enter the nicer, braver World of the Positive, OR follow the old tried and true secrecy code of the Hell’s Angels, “Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”
All security companies handling Computer Security will need to begin placing specific verbage in their contracts now stating that their programs to block hackers, maggots, whatever you want to call them, may now include the U.S. Federal Government Intelligence Agencies.  The point being there is not more security in computers.  I never wanted to learn about computer security systems, protocols, strengths, weaknesses, whatever, whatever, but was required to so by the weight of the modern world and its desires and TORMENTS GRANDE.  Computers are that desire at present and everyone wants in, but believe me when I say, there is NO security there.  My simple rule of thumb is if you don’t want it seen on the billboard in Times Square, then don’t write it, and or send it on a computer.  The FATES are sometimes cruel and they love it when some computer geek says he has the unbeatable system.  This pretty much guarantees the system will be hacked and its guts spread to the four corners of the world.  There are millions of examples every day of the crap people write to one another that comes back to haunt them.  DON’T WRITE IT! Thomas Jefferson had a saying he used for himself and it was, “If someone pisses me off I count to ten before I respond, if they really piss me off, I count to a hundred!”  Take from this what you will, but believe me when I say IT IS IMPORTANT AND BEAUTIFUL.

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