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Let me see, why would Bill Gates, one of the most autocratic business leaders in the World want to speak to 80 Senators.  Could it be that his Democratic minions are screwing the pooch with Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA Spying, Unemployment, etc., etc., etc.  This is where I tell the story about the Frog and the Scorpion.  The point is Billy is leading the Senators to slaughter.


That was a wasted phone call!  I am floored that Zuckerberg would say anything aggressive to his King.  Maybe the kid is seeing the light of darkness that is Obama and his Obinions trying to destroy the Constitution, specifically the Fourth Amendment.  I will say it is the one document that allows Zuckerberg to make billions on Facebook under FREE SPEECH.


You don’t say!


Just sad!


Hear! Hear!


Feinstein’s statement on the CIA Detention and Interrogation Report and the other things she felt needed to be mentioned in dealing with the CIA and their Wicked Smart criminal minions.  It is a good read.  After reading it, read Jose Rodriquez’s book, HARD MEASURES.  He was the CIA CTC head during the ENHANCED INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES (EIT) time period.  He was also the guy who ordered the destruction of the Interrogation tapes.  I think there were 90 of them.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Rodriquez did his job well and was crucified for it, but as my grandmother us to say, “you sleep with the dogs, you are going to get the fleas.”


OK, the joke is done, bring the plane out and quit screwing around.  That’s right, they don’t know where the plane is/was.  This is up there in the greatest idiotic situations in mankind’s short existence on this planet.


What can you say about an ILLEGAL and a MAGGOT together other than stupidity will follow.  I don’t think there is anything I can add to this that anyone with any brain hasn’t already done.  Two Maggots.  One an ungrateful, felon maggot.


For Shame!  Harry Reid is no different from anyone else and if he broke the law he should go to jail, he and this guy Lee.  The Justice Department not allowing the investigation to go forward is suspicious to say the least.  In fact, it implies guilt and a cover up!


This is what the U.S. Is all about,…Making money!  Socialism be damned!


I am all for buying lots of cool toys and blowing shit up with it, but, there is got to be massive amounts of waste here.  Read it and weep.


What a piece!


Another POS looking for a bullet to the skull cap! Hopefully, we can make it happen soon.


If you are going to play the game, you have to play by the rules.  This is just stupid of the U.S. Navy.  You are being allowed there by a foreign government and then you crap all over the area you are being allowed in.  It is just RUDE and stupid!  There is a lot going on here that needs to, and has to be addressed, but basic rules of etiquette and propriety should be followed.  You don’t visit another man’s house and crap and piss on the floor and not expect some rebuke.


Feinstein is wound up now.  She will be attacking everything in sight.


Did any of these schools have Security present other than a teacher to say something or a secretary.  I find it amazing that schools still don’t have an assigned Security Officer familiar with that specific school and the people there in leadership positions.  If the Officer is not working that day, then there has to be someone there to fill the space.  IT IS NEGLIGENCE on the schools part to think that teachers and administrators with everything else they have to deal with will be able to become Security Officers also, and do so on a continuing basis without complacency.  Besides that, why don’t the two parties in the story work together for the betterment of the students and quit with the finger-pointing.  You just make yourselves look silly.


Maher is an Ass and about as funny as,…don’t make me give a metaphor, just trust me, it would not be funny!


“Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows!”  What a ridiculous story!  The balls of people in the airline industry to say, or infer that they know anything about security is a joke.  How can a 777 disappear into the thin air and no one knows where it is?  Why is it that the plane transponders can be cut off while in flight?  Why is it that no radar can pick the flight up?  Why is it that no cell phones are appearing on cell towers anywhere in Asia?  That’s just the beginning of the questions I would be asking and demanding answers for.  The negligence and  stupidity on the plane manufacturer and airline company is monolithic.  But right now the families of the passengers want to know where the Hell their loved ones are?


Traitors and delinquents all!  The Internet Providers are all doing it with or without government help.  It s the classic, “who’s on first?”  I am saying right now there is no confusion, The government and the IP providers are both on first and as such are both OUT!  Neither can be trusted.


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