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I could have told you this was coming.  Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone gets their feelings hurt, then like any drunken party where you don’t know everyone there, all of a sudden people are using the sofa to do the flying Batman on you.  Chaos and anarchy follow.


Every man has his limitations.  If the Russians keep pushing even Obama can put on the gloves.


This what we call TREASON in the South.  It sounds like an offense deserving of a bullet to the back of the head.  What a maggot!


Behavior of the most ridiculous kind!


I think I can see how this is going and there are going to be a lot of angry, angry people in the end.  The idiocy being shown by people in charge is showing itself to be building to a soprano like crescendo!  People, there is no excuse, NO EXCUSE, to lose a 370 ton, 270 million dollar plane containing 239 people on board!  There are NO words!


A simple case of Judges being AFRAID to sentence people like Kanye for breaking the law over and over again.  Maybe, this Judge watches that trash show on TV.  I can’t even say it because there have been intelligent people who began watching it and an hour later their IQ’s had dropped to a point where they couldn’t open a Coca Cola bottle after.  Judges in LA and New York have created new law as in “double probation, and “triple probation” where these clowns just keep adding their probationary periods on top of each other.


This is what I am talking about!  Take that to the house!  The Big House that is.  Brown may be worth 250 million dollars, but that 9 by 7 make you as broke as the clown on either side of you, above and below.  Chrissy, remember, “stupid is as stupid does!”  If you want to stay straight Chrissy, give me a call.  I am from your home town so I know how it rolls.  My numbers in the book.  50 Cent found it and he seems to be doing OK.


Great show.


Good job!  Love to hear it.  Keep it up.


There is so much to say here about this.  Obama has done everything he can and is still doing everything he can to “skirt”  the immigration laws and allow as many ILLEGALS into the U.S. as possible.  It is obvious why he is doing what he is doing, he wants the votes.  The Illegals break the laws of this country and continue to break the laws, they demonstrate in the streets waving Mexican flags, they do not learn English, they fraudulently apply for government subsidies under false documentation and other and defraud the American people, they commit crimes against American citizens such as murder, rape, robbery, fraud, and they kill thousands of American citizens in traffic accidents while driving with NO insurance, and NO driver’s licenses.  The police have to treat them separate than American citizens because the Federal Government Agencies that are supposed to enforce the laws against ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS won’t do their jobs.  It is sad, it is obvious and it is wrong!  That’s all I am going to say about that.


I salute all of them. The United States salutes all of them.


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