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This is NO surprise!  WE have been building the storage places for the NSA to STEAL information and then put it some place.  The CIA and the NSA cannot be trusted in CONUS or OCONUS to follow the law.  They are creating it as they go.  If you catch them lying about what they are doing, they just lie and say they are not.  Oh, and it’s TOP SECRET also, so they couldn’t answer the question anyway.


Putin is not going to stop his quest for more land and power until someone with BALLS (not Obama) steps on his coat tails.  John Kerry’s diplomatic skills are somewhere between 0 and 1, out of 10.  He is incapable of the Diplomacy needed to chain the dog to the backyard tree that Putin requires.  It is simple and it is complicated, but force may be required or threatened.  This cannot work if Putin knows you are a yellow-bellied wimp to start with.


When in doubt, send the used car salesman.  Biden is a joke and how is he going to re-assure anyone when they were never assured to start with.  The U.S. Has abandoned the Ukraine and definitely the Crimea.  The Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons in a treaty that guaranteed that the EU and America would come to their aid if anyone (Russia) harassed them.  Russia invaded the Ukraine, has taken over the Crimea and the U.S. And the E.U. are sitting on their hands.  The pathetic running of this country is catching up to Obama and his Obinions.  Their lack of ability in anything government other than getting elected is showing its cracks.


You think!  I have said, and will continue to say that the negligence in this case is on a scale unheard of before in aeronautical history.


Very interesting!  I am for it.  Very dramatic.


Just sad!


What a maggot!  Should be “tarred and feathered”.



Fantastic reports are coming in on how bad the coverages are and the insurance companies not paying the bills.




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