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Here we go again!  Another “shot in the dark!”


When will people learn that if you hire crap, you get crap.  The “Security” at the World Trade Center is obviously not any better than Security at the local Pizza Hut.  Same old stuff, sleeping on the job.  The Security guard was fired, but what about the guys on the CCTV screens, add them.  Good thing the construction worker was paying attention.  What a joke!  The guy running the elevator that took him to the top was NOT fired because he worked for a UNION!  Nice!  He was re-assigned.  What do you want to bet he is the Security Guard now!


How is this a justifiable shooting?  An old man and a cane.  The guy was so old he couldn’t even fall on the ground after the idiot shot him.  The shots were all over the place also.  I mean really, What the Hell?


The girl in this story was the waitress that waited on me every time I went to the American Diner.  She was nice, cordial, polite and in no way showed the signs of what was to come.  She did show signs of a life that was rough and she might not have control of at all times.  I found out later that she had a drug problem and had been in trouble with the law in stupid ways.


Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!


Interesting story.  There IS more to it than the police have at this point.  Keep your eyes open for future story.


Another story!


Yada! Yada! Yada!


Of course pets get protection under the Domestic Violence Law, why wouldn’t they?  What a hoot!


Because they think they are SO smart, and SO Top Secret!  I am sure there are statistical tables that state something that the NSA and its computer geeks would think is vastly important, but the world would find ridiculous.  Whatever they think they are hiding I am sure a Chinaman could find out by just asking someone working for the state.


The article started that the Illegals were RESCUED, they weren’t rescued, they were ARRESTED.  They are here Illegally.  They were breaking the law by coming here undocumented.  Because the maggots helping you break the law have more maggot tendencies doesn’t dispel the fact that these people are FELONS.  Deport and try to forget, but remember they will be back.  That which these criminals are running from is that which they are creating by the actions they are taking.  It is the new law of ILLEGALITY, the more laws you break to be free will eventually, under Obama, make you free.


He more likely was a CIA Officer.  They are not the brightest, and lying and stealing is something that they are recruited for.  This guy just applied it to his job with the EPA.  Another reason no one from the CIA, or even someone claiming to be a CIA Officer should be allowed anywhere near the U.S.  They are the perfect example of the Frog and the Scorpion, they lie, steal, defraud because they can’t help themselves.  It’s in their nature.  This guy is pure maggot.


Another FREE trip on the TAXPAYER’S BACK.  There is absolutely no reason for this trip other than Michelle, her mother, and the kids wanted to go.  They being there serves ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE for the American people.  The FRAUD continues.  Millions of dollars spent FOR NOTHING!


This is what is running the country, idiots like this who believe only in themselves.  Let me be the first to tell you Mr. Page, I DON’T TRUST YOU that’s why I won’t ever do this.  Give me a break!


Hard video to watch.  This guy takes a baseball straight to the face, breaking most of the bones in his face.  I hope he didn’t get his healthcare from The UnAffordable Care Act!  On a serious note, I hope he is doing well.  Ugly hit!



Read it and weep!  What a Plan.  The UnAffordable Care Act is working great!


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