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963 Days, 15 Hours, 37 Minutes


“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

— Thomas Sowell, American Economist, Social Theorist, Political Philosopher and Author


I will never fly on a MALAYSIAN JETLINER ever.  In fact, I have no reason to go there anyway, so there is NO need!  I did a test once and showed people photos of beautiful beaches, water and Sunsets.  I asked the people where the beaches were and I was told all of these exotic places.  None of the pictures were out of the United States!  The point is, you want exotic, get yourself a Brazilian Wax at the local nail parlor!  You want nice beaches look around America, they are everywhere.  You want more pain, anguish, frustration, take off for a foreign country that you know nothing about, don’t speak the language, and are doing it only because you got up one day and want to do in a week that which you didn’t do your whole life.  You will have plenty of company, and you know what they say about misery.


Today, in the modern world, there is NO reason a client cannot pay you by WIRE TRANSFER.  If you are the GENERAL CONTRACTOR on the Security Detail waiting on a check and then waiting on a check to clear, is beyond painful and beyond reason and logic.  The Contractor’s waiting on their money are much happier not having to wait another ten days or more for the check to clear.  If the GC has to eat the $35.00 for the transfer, then eat the cost and make it up somewhere else.  Also, it makes it easier for the GC to get the money “up Front” for the Detail.  If the money does not “hit” the bank then the Detail does not go on.  Now, whether the GC pays the Contractors by wire transfer is up to them and how they worded payment in their specific contracts.  I can tell you this, if the Contractor wants the wire transfer, they pay the costs for it.  Also, the Office Manager will send the money once, if the receiving bank screws something up, then the Contractor gets paid by check.  Doing this is a great reason to get to know someone at your bank that controls this type of transaction.  They are the Point of Contact (POC) and the person you lean on when it is necessary, and believe me IT IS NECESSARY!


The Word of the Day is a word that describes, in modern America, situations of which the modern Webster’s Dictionary does not have a word, or the word’s it does have do not cover enough.


An ILLEGRANT is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.  The U.S. Government tried a few months ago to make Illegal Immigrant basically a cuss word and stated they would not use the phrase any longer.  I don’t know what else you would call it, but it is the U.S. Government we are talking about and logic, reason, and the law takes a back seat to the “Wicked Smart.”


2 Responses

  1. Actually, they are illegal migrants. An immigrant would file paperwork.

    Good news from Arizona and Kansas. A federal judge has found that requiring proof of citizenship before registering to vote is a good thing.


    • Daniel:

      In a “nutshell” it just goes to show how taking on a “few illegal immigrant kids” has a “ripple effect” that reaches far and wide. There is a reason there are borders, there is a reason that there are police to guard those borders, and there is a reason that there are laws that back the police to protect those borders. There are a few people in a little white house on Pennsylvania Avenue who believe that all of humanity except them know what is best for all of us, and that people through-out time didn’t understand people, democracy and security like they do. Delusional would be a compliment.

      Tomorrow, I will have an article on job “burnout” that I believe, will be a window into some of the non-decision making processes that are occurring from the little white house on Pennsylvania Avenue. Purely, from a PSYCHOLOGICAL standpoint, and you know, “I do love me some psychology!” Look at it from the standpoint of the “7 year itch”. POTUS has been married to the U.S. for almost that exact amount of time. He is obviously tired of the fight. He sees NO way out of ALL of the poo piles he has stepped into, and stupidity he has done by way of infidelity to true U.S. citizens. He does like celebrity, and TALKING about doing something, even though history has shown he is not good at DOING anything of value. He has peeked at the other side of the fence, and that is getting away from the Washington/World blood sucking race, picking up the easy speaking engagement money, getting a cushy corporate job, spending more time with the family, spending more time with the Hollywood and other “suck-ups” that continue to blow “smoke” up his proverbial dress about how great he has done, and for SO many. Basically, he wants to spend much more time with his “new girlfriend” enjoying what HE has accomplished and get paid large dollars to talk about himself and his contributions to that fictional World. He will pay lip service to the “old girlfriend” only out of a sign of respect because she is the one that got him where he is. But in all things, personal and business: wants, desires, needs, responsibilities, etc. change. POTUS is tired of the fight with the old, and he is, more than anything, looking forward to the new. Even to the point of beginning his new life before the divorce to the old, is done. This, as is true in all family divorces, will have the greatest negative impact on the children (citizens) as it would have on the adults, who will, as history has shown, act anything but ADULT-LIKE!

      Keep reading, it fuels my needs to pontificate in zeros and ones.

      Be safe,


      Emiel Fisher, PI, PPS

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